Creative Custom Lanyard Ideas for Your Business

The Benefits of Custom Lanyards for Your Business

You’re always looking for new ways to connect with your customers and make your brand stand out, right? Well, one simple but creative item you may not have thought of is custom lanyards. While lanyards are nothing new, there are so many unique, eye-catching designs you can create to help promote your business. In this article, we’ll explore some of the coolest custom lanyard ideas to try for your company, from adding your logo or slogan to incorporating trendy colors and patterns. Who knew something as simple as a lanyard could be used to showcase your brand personality and spur conversation? The options are endless once you start brainstorming, so get ready to unleash your inner creativity and discover clever ways to design lanyards that will get your business noticed!k 

Unique and Creative Design Ideas 

Custom lanyards are a great way to promote your brand and build professionalism.

Increased Brand Awareness

Having your company logo and contact info on lanyards means your brand is visible every time they’re worn. This repetitive marketing puts your brand at the front of people’s minds, so when they need your products or services, you’re the first one they call.

Improved Professional Appearance

High quality makes employees and attendees look put together and professional.  This polished appearance reflects well on your company and events.  

Professional looking
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Additional Advertising Space

Lanyards provide prime real estate for promoting your brand, products, services, es, or events. Use the extra space for your company slogan, web address, ss, or a QR code to drive more traffic to your site.

Builds Goodwill

Providing attendees with a free, customized item like a lanyard is a small gesture that builds goodwill.  People appreciate receiving a useful gift, and your lanyards will be worn again and again, keeping your brand in front of them.  

Cost Effective 

Custom lanyards are an affordable way to gain additional exposure for your business.  They provide an excellent return on investment through increased brand recognition and professionalism.  Overall, it is a win-win for boosting your brand and bottom line.

How to Order Custom Lanyards: FAQs

Vibrant Colors and Patterns  

Express your brand’s personality through fun colors and patterns on your lanyards. Bold solids, geometric prints, and nature-inspired designs are all trending. Play around with complementary colors or an ombre fade for an eye-catching look. Patterned lanyards are an easy way to make a statement and be memorable.

Custom Shapes 

Tired of the same old flat lanyard? Get creative with custom cuts and attachments. A lanyard in the shape of your logo or mascot is a clever way to reinforce your brand. Or opt for a tear-drop or zig-zag cut to make your lanyard more dynamic. You can also attach custom charms, tags, or pins to jazz up a standard lanyard shape.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials  

Lanyards made of recycled, organic, or repurposed materials are an impactful choice. Materials like recycled PET, organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp are durable and eco-friendly options. For an innovative twist, look for lanyards made from upcycled materials such as retired climbing ropes,

Additional Features

Don’t stop at just a cord and badge holder! Additional features like pockets, pouches, and attachments take a standard lanyard to the next level. A lanyard with a zippered pouch is perfect for holding business cards, cash, or other small items. You can also opt for a lanyard with a built-in bottle opener, flashlight, or charging cable for extra functionality. 

With some creativity, you can design that are stylish, and sustainable and spotlight your brand’s unique personality. Vibrant colors, funky patterns, eco-friendly materials, and useful add-ons are all ways to make your lanyards stand out from the crowd.