Does Pink Diamond Make A Good Engagement Ring?

An engagement is a much-awaited event, and it’s crucial to be ready as you kneel and present the precious item of the occasion. Over the years, a solitaire diamond ring has been the classic choice, but if you want to take the event to a new level, consider a pink diamond engagement ring. The precious stone may be an alternative to the common ones you often find in jewelry stores, but be ready for its price tag.  

Among the various types of diamonds, the pink type is regarded as the rarest of all, and you’ll be amazed at the value of pink diamonds on the market. The unique quality of the diamond made it a favorite among many celebrities. 

The stunning beauty of a pink diamond engagement ring may be enough reason to choose one for the special day. A pink diamond might be an excellent investment if you want a unique engagement ring.

However, if you still need to be convinced, a pink diamond may be the ideal engagement ring for several reasons.  

1. Rare To Find  

Pink diamonds have been discovered in recent years in several places, including rivers in Brazil, southern India, Russian mines, the Argyle mine in Australia, and the Williamson mine in Tanzania.

A purely pink diamond is considered rare. However, some pink diamonds tend to go along with another color, such as purple, orange, or brown, which the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) calls modifying colors. Although these variants are equally stunning, not one can match the beauty of a pure pink diamond which is often hard to find. 

2. Symbolizes The Color Of Love 

For years, the color pink has always been linked to sweet emotions, femininity, harmony, and affection, to name a few. Choosing a pink diamond as an engagement ring for your loved one may be the ideal way to represent your genuine love and commitment. With all the sweet emotions associated with the color, presenting your loved one with a pink diamond engagement ring clearly shows your true intentions. If you’re planning to propose soon, consider setting the date on Valentine’s Day to make it even more special.  

3. Precious Value  

Aside from the rarity of pink diamonds, it’s undeniable that they can be considered valuable for their staggering value. Presenting a pink diamond engagement ring shows that your love is truly beyond.  

The value of pink diamonds may vary depending on the intensity of their color. One with an intense pink hue fetches a high price.  

A diamond with a light pink tinge usually has a pale pink color. Generally, it’s an entry-level option but can start from USD$3,000 up to USD$8,000 for every carat. As for highly vivid pink diamonds, they’re considered the most valuable ranging from USD$30,000 to USD$100,000 or even higher for each carat.  

4. Mysterious And One-Of-A-Kind Color  

Malaya garnet, Sydney jeweller Lizunova Fine Jewels, Chifley Square
YippeeD, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The different types of colored diamonds acquire their distinctive color from the presence of trace elements during formation. In yellow diamonds, nitrogen is the element responsible for the color, while a blue diamond obtains its color from the element boron.  

As for pink diamonds, it’s surprising to know that they can’t trace the elements from where they may acquire their unique coloring. Scientists have long speculated that the color may be due to distortion or alteration in the crystal lattice of the stone. It’s been believed to be due to the combination of significant pressure and intense heat from all directions as it forms deep within the earth. 

The pink diamonds with Argyle roots are considered to possess the highest quality in terms of color which is very intense pink. The reason for this is the dense packing of the graining planes responsible for generating the pink hue. As for pink diamonds originating from other parts of the world, they have minimal pink graining, resulting in a lighter pink coloring. 

5. Spectacular Work Of Art  

Nature provides us with amazing gifts, including precious stones that form deep within the earth and eventually move to the surface via volcanic eruptions over the years. The discovery of these precious stones led to the extraction of rough crystals.  

As the stones undergo various processes to bring out their beauty, they transform into stunning works of art in the form of jewelry. Nowadays, diamond jewelry can be a precious gift, and choosing a pink diamond engagement ring is a worthwhile investment. 

Final Thoughts  

A pink diamond engagement ring is truly a work of art. If you want to make your loved one gasp in delight, make the right choice by proposing with a pink diamond engagement ring. A pink diamond ring stands out for its unique beauty and rarity while at the same time genuinely symbolizing love. Think of it as a precious gift that will make your proposal unforgettable.

Featured Image by u_wljs6i9g79 from Pixabay