Easy Breakfast Recipes for Moms

It’s no secret that mornings can be hectic for moms. You need to get ready to start your day while getting the kids off to school. To make matters more difficult, some kids have trouble sitting and eating at the breakfast table. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you don’t want to skip it. Both you and your children need the fuel and nutrition it provides to make it through a long day. To make mornings a little easier, here are some quick kids meals with easy breakfast recipes you can serve for breakfast.

Farina with Fruit

Farina offers a healthy, hot breakfast that is perfect for cold mornings. Farina is one of the best easy breakfast recipes to prepare. With the addition of fruit and nuts, you can increase the nutrient content of this meal while adding some new flavors. Try things like apricots, bananas, raspberries, and almonds. You could also add some brown sugar or maple syrup to sweeten the farina for your children.

Bagel Faces

If you can find ways to make food fun, it will be much easier to get your young children to the table. For breakfast, you could try something like making bagel faces. Just toast the halves of a bagel and spread on some cream cheese. Using slices of fruits and vegetables, you can then make faces on the bagel halves. 

Breakfast Pizzas

Making some breakfast pizzas is an easy way to get your kids interested in eating their first meal of the day. Using English muffins as the crust, you can top these pizzas off with a slice of tomato, a hard-cooked egg, and some mozzarella cheese. These breakfast pizzas taste great, and you can save some time in the morning by cooking the eggs the night before.

Eggs with Ham & Cheese

Something as simple as scrambled eggs with ham and cheese can make a simple breakfast that will provide your kids with the energy they need. If ham and cheese are not high on your children’s list of breakfast favorites, you could try any number of scrambled egg recipes your kids will love.

Sticky Buns

easy sticky buns recipes
Image by Sean Robinson from Pixabay

You can make your own delicious sticky buns using a tube of pre-sliced buttermilk biscuits, some brown sugar, and a little butter. This is a breakfast your kids will love, and you have some options to add flavors and textures to the sticky buns. To dress the sticky buns up a little, you could add a slice of banana before sprinkling on the brown sugar. Feel free to also add some chopped pecans on top to provide a little crunch to this breakfast.

Egg Panini

Instead of settling for fast-food breakfast sandwiches, you could make an egg panini for you and your kids. Just cook some scrambled eggs and offer fillings like cheese, ham, or salami. Once you have the rolls put together with the rest of the fillings, just take a few minutes to cook them on a skillet. This is a quick and easy breakfast that will be better than any breakfast sandwich you could buy on the go.

Egg in a Hole

Eggs and toast might be a simple breakfast, but you can make it more interesting by making an egg in a hole. It’s a quick breakfast idea that can be good for kids and adults, and you can round it out by adding some yogurt and fruit on the side.

You might not be able to get away from your busy mornings, but that does not mean that you can’t take steps to make it easier. With these breakfast ideas, you can save a little time while still helping your kids start their mornings off with a good meal. These easy breakfast recipes make for a healthy start for your children in the morning.