5 Useful Way to Get an Erection and Maintain

With age, erectile dysfunction becomes one of the most common challenges. Even when you manage to get an erection and maintain it, you might lose it too quickly. The good news is that there are plenty of supplements and easy ways to enhance penile functions. For instance, Top Male Enhancement experts say that Extenze can increase the amount of blood flow to the penis to achieve strong erections.  

This original formula has been specially designed to help users achieve long-lasting erections. In addition to Extenze, here are a few effective lifestyle changes to help improve erectile functions.

1. Eat Well

Certain eating patterns can restrict the flow of blood to the penis. This organ is completely dependent on blood circulation to achieve an erection and hold it for an extended period of time. Along with maximum strength, male enhancement pills include vegetables, fruits, fish, red wine, nuts, and olive oil. It is a scientific fact that these foods can significantly improve sexual function in men. Also, try not to eat fatty foods and processed sugar. They can lead to obesity, which is a common cause of erectile dysfunctions. 

2. Exercise Well

Hitting the gym – does it work? Well, regular cardio and aerobic exercises are the best ways to strengthen your erection. They help maintain your body shape and increase your sexual appetite as well. Improved blood flow to the penis helps achieve stable erections. Proper physical activities make sure enough blood is pumped by your heart, with minimum effort. This is turn facilitates flow to the penis.

3. Quit Smoking

Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect for smokers. Both the size and strength of the erection are affected by smoking, which hampers the sexual experience. Studies have proven that smokers tend to have a penis that is noticeably smaller than that of non-smokers. Regular smoking can damage the blood vessels, making an erection difficult. When you quit smoking altogether, heart health improves rapidly. It aids with stable blood pressure and circulation, which can help keep erectile dysfunction at bay. 

proper sleep
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4.  Adequate Sleep

Plenty of sleep is good for your metabolism. You will be surprised to know that your penis experiences up to five hours of erections while you sleep. The organ gets enough oxygenated blood and the required nutrients. Nocturnal erections decrease the likelihood of penile failures. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep at night to increase your libido and keep your erections long-lasting. 

5. Try Supplements  

Read customer reviews and learn about the dosage & side effects before using any male sexual enhancement supplements. These can be great alternatives to expensive drugs and injections. With steady consumption of VigRX Plus, you can achieve stronger and harder erections and enhanced stamina. Most supplements contain the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost erection quality and overall sexual health.

Among the countless options, these few measures are the most well-researched ones to get an erection and maintain it, with promising benefits.