Here Are 5 Reasons to Use Medsbiotech CBD and CBD Oil to Get Rid Of Stress

While we might be able to eat healthily, exercise, and take a variety of supplements, it’s much harder to guard against stress. And this is a troubling dilemma, because some medical professionals believe that stress is responsible for the vast majority of stress and diseases. Stress affects every aspect of our bodies, but our brains probably take the brunt of the punishment.

Stress affects the brain in a variety of ways, and the symptoms might vary for different types of people. Understanding the reasons and and the effects of stress on the brain is only half of the equation. We also need to figure out a solution. Luckily, a new innovation in the medical world has provided us with just that. Medsbiotech CBD and CBD Oil is being described by many as a wonder drug in the battle against stress.  It massively reduces the amount of stress you feel on a daily basis, thereby preventing the negative symptoms on the brain.

Let’s first examine 5 reasons why stress has such an unhealthy effect on the brain:

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1. Stress Causes The Brain To Produce Cortisol

One of the most troubling reasons why stress affects the brain so negatively is the production of cortisol, which is a common stress hormone in the body.

In moderate amounts, cortisol is actually beneficial, carrying out a number of roles, including regulating blood sugar levels. But when cortisol levels become too high, the entire body is thrown out of balance, especially the brain. This includes shrinking the prefrontal cortex, and damaging your social centers, which limits your ability to excel in social situations.

2. Stress Increases Myelin In The Brain

Stress also has the negative effect of causing an increase in myelin-carrying cells in the brain.

Myelin is actually quite useful, creating a protective sheath around axons and speeding up the electrical signals in the brain. But once again, too much of a good thing can be harmful.

When cells produce too much myelin, the entire brain is thrown out of balance. Your brain might have an imbalance between white and grey matter. Too much myelin might also cause memory difficulties and problems with the communication centers of the brain.

3. Stress Can Kill Brain Cells

Sometimes, stress isn’t experienced as a gradual process but rather as a single event.

No matter how happy we might be, the sad truth is that life often surprises us with tragedies or extremely low points. These events are hard to recover from, and they often cause massive bursts of stress in the brain.

Researchers who studies this single stress-causing events found that they were capable of killing large quantities of brain cells. These events cause the death of neurons in the Hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for memory, emotion and learning. The Hippocampus is also one of the few places where neurogenesis (the birth of new brain cells) occurs.

4. Stress Inflames The Brain

Stress also causes brain inflammation, which causes a wide range of problems.

Stress often kicks your immune system into high gear, as the body reacts in order to fight off a potentially dangerous or harmful situation.

The problem is your immune system often ends up attacking itself in these situations. Stress sometimes causes the overproduction of macrophages in the brain, which are immune cells designed to fight off a variety of cellular foes.

Studies on mice show that these macrophages actually attack your own brain during stressful situations, which causes massive inflammation in many cases. Like other stress-related events, this inflammation prevents the birth of new brain cells.

5. Stress Allows More Toxins To Enter Your Brain

While your brain might be the most sophisticated supercomputer on the planet, it’s still just another muscle in your body.

And like all muscles, the brain requires blood to function. Toxins in your blood are prevented from reaching your brain by something called the blood-brain barrier. But when stress starts to take its toll, the blood-brain barrier starts to become compromised. As the barrier becomes more permeable, toxins are allowed to enter your brain.

These chemicals include pathogens, heavy metals, neurotoxins, and a variety of other incredibly harmful substances and chemicals.

The Solution

Luckily, there’s a solution which allows you to avoid all of these nasty stress-related brain problems. Every day, more people are realizing the incredible effects of CBD Oil. This natural medicine is known for reducing inflammation in the brain, relieving many of the symptoms of stress, and targeting the root of the problem. There are even studies which suggest cannabinoids (the active ingredient in CBD products) might be responsible for neurogenesis – the birth of new brain cells. Additionally, CBD oil does not cause an altered state of mind or any of the psychoactive chemicals associated with the “high” of marijuana. Whether you’re struggling with stress or you simply want to protect your brain from future stress related harm, CBD is a safe and effective choice. Use MEDSBIOTECH50 coupon code for one-time usage for 50% off on the entire store


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