How to bring colors to your lifeless garden?

Probably, the best thing you can treat your eyes with is the lush green garden, greeting you right when you enter. Your home is your haven. You have all the right to make it as pleasing and as welcoming as you can. You might be thinking that maintaining a garden all year round is hard. No denials! It’s not easy, we all agree, but weighing the pros and cons will make you realize how important it is to give your home a garden that is properly designed and colorful.

It might seem a daunting task if you haven’t kept up with your garden up till now, and it appears almost lifeless. However, fret not. We are here to take you through a few quick garden-cleaning steps that will set the foundation for your task. The next thing we’ll be telling you is how you can add a mixture of various colors to your garden.

If you’ve been taking care of the garden and maintaining it, then designing how you want the various colors distributed across your garden won’t take long. If you don’t have time to spend on maintaining your garden, find more information on hiring a landscaping company here.

Prepare for a cleanup

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If your garden has been prey to your negligence or busy schedule, take out some time to attend it. In one of the issues of Fine Gardening, an ACE approach to cleaning your lifeless garden is mentioned.

A – Attend to your garden: assess what needs your attention and tend to it. If it’s the outgrown grass or old dead plant stems, clear them out. Wipe all the debris from the dead plants and clear the space out.

C – Clean up: this is an essential step if you’re serious about bringing life to your lifeless garden. Clean up any dead plants or weeds that have zero aesthetic value for your garden. Use good quality cleaning sprays and chemicals that are safe for fertilizers and plants to complete the mission clean up. You can use bed bug sprays to kill bugs of all kinds. If you have trees that need timing or removal, don’t do it yourself.  Be safe and call a tree expert like Local Tree Experts in Des Moines, IA.

E – Enhance: after attending to your garden and cleaning it up thoroughly, critically assess your current situation. Do you have space enough for a flower bed at the corner? Do you want a formal garden layout that has symmetrical flowers on both sides with pavement and a fountain in between? Or do you have space only enough for flower beds running across the boundary of your garden and lush green grass in the middle?

The crucial thing is to enhance what you already have. Don’t go overboard in excitement and start planting new plants and flowers without assessing your garden size and layout.

Adding colors to your lifeless garden

Now that you’ve overcome a great step of cleaning your garden and assessing what you need to do let’s move on to deciding the colors you want in your garden. There are countless options you can choose from;

  • You can have one color picked up for the theme of the whole garden and choose your plants likewise.
  • You can also have darker colors appear at the boundary of your flower beds. Darker colors are said to blur the backgrounds, thus making your space look bigger.
  • Color combinations also look royal in gardens. You can pick two or more colors that go well together to give your garden an aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Lighter colors make the shaded areas appear brighter and less gloomy. If you have a dark area in your garden, choose the plants that grow well without much sunlight.
  • Similarly, try and pick brighter-colored plants for your sunlit areas. These areas can handle bright colors, such as red or yellow, very well. Bright colors also catch more attention, so you can also plant them at the entrance, where they are bound to get some attention and appreciation from visitors.
  • Colors such as blue and violet or yellow and orange or red go very well with each other. They radiate a sense of harmony along with offering a range of colors. You can also arrange your flower beds running across your garden boundary in these colors. Or if you are out of ideas, simply contact Madera arborists, and they will make sure that all of your needs and desires are fulfilled and you are happy with your garden.

Some of the plants that you can use

  • Petunia for some style
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These beautiful petunias add a bright look to your garden. They are considered stylish in the world of gardening with their white edges and flashy purple insides.

  • Use the hibiscus plant to add a cutting edge crispness to your garden

The mahogany hibiscus plants add an exquisite look and appeal to your garden. They look majestic in the corners and bring life to them. You can also use them as a backdrop of a small flower plant, enhancing the colors and making them appear brighter in combination.

  • Variegated snapdragon

The green and red combination of Snapdragon is ideal for splashing a mix of colors in your garden. Use them to attract attention as their colors appear brighter and uplift the color of the whole garden.


No matter how much time you spend outside of your house, your home should always be warm and welcoming. Setting up a garden that is visually pleasing and attractive is quintessential to the calmness of your house. A well-manicured garden radiates the genuineness of the owner and receives the visitors with warmth.

We provided you with super beneficial tips to clean your garden and give it a makeover. If you are an enthusiastic gardener, keep updating your garden with new and fresh flowers according to the season. Also, let your creativity flow and show in your garden. Let your favorite colors showcase.

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