How to Care for An Unwell Child

No parent wants their child to be unwell. Caring for a child with health problems can, at times, be difficult. We worry about our children constantly and don’t want them to be in pain or distress. You don’t want your child with a chronic illness to have a different quality of life, so you need to know how to care for an unwell child. 

But caring for an unwell child can be difficult and confusing, especially for new parents. In certain circumstances, if the condition could have been prevented during birth, you might want to consider speaking to a lawyer, such as this cerebral palsy lawyer (from Chicago). But what else should you do?   


unwell child
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An unwell child needs to know how to communicate how they’re feeling. You don’t want them to feel unable to speak about their illness or feel ashamed of being in pain. The art of communication is something you need to instill in them from an early age. Encourage them to communicate by creating an open and honest household where everyone is listened to. Ask questions and engage in their response.  

Adapt the home

Depending on your child’s illness, you may need to make adaptations to the home. Your child’s room may need to be close to the bathroom, for example. Making adaptions to the home isn’t just showing that you care; it’s a necessity. Your child needs to feel safe and comfortable in their home, so do all you can to make it so. 


All children need routine and stability. An unwell child might struggle to find this if they constantly have flare-ups or aren’t able to go to school. They might feel like the odd one out if they are constantly missing classes for hospital appointments. It’s important for you to create as much of a routine as possible. Regular bedtimes, mealtimes, and playtimes are essential. Try to ensure their routine matches their peers as much as possible.  

Manage your emotions

As a parent, you probably feel guilty and upset about your child’s ill health. It’s in your nature. But you need to express that appropriately. Breaking down into tears all the time won’t help matters; in fact, your child might feel bad for causing you such distress and blame themselves. But don’t hide your emotions, either. You need to be kind, caring, and sympathetic when your child is in pain. Show them that they aren’t alone and that the way they feel matters. 

Have fun

Have fun with your unwell child
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At the end of the day, kids are kids. Your unwell child needs to have fun, just like everyone else. So, make sure that having fun is a part of your routine – whatever that might mean to them. Playing, laughing, and being silly is a part of raising happy children. 

If you have an unwell child I hope these tips on how to care for an unwell child were helpful.

Featured Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels