Strength Training for Women – Importance and Benefits

For a long time, most people have thought that women do not need strength training. Thus, this has primarily been left to their male counterparts. But as time goes on, fitness experts and women now understand how important it is to exercise for stronger bones, more power, and even burning more calories.

Unfortunately, there is still a significant number of women who still don’t understand the importance and benefits of this. After reading the insights below, you will start to include more weight exercises in your workouts rather than just focusing on cardio alone.

How to Go About Strength Training

The CDC recommended two sessions of strength training and one session of cardio workouts per week for women. These should be spread out on different days to make a bigger impact. But the bigger focus should be on coming up with weight workouts that have a lot of impact on your body. The approach should be gradual if you are a beginner to avoid pushing the body too hard. Some of the best workouts include the following;

  •             Deadlifts – Use a variation to kill monotony and warrant better results in the long run.
  •             Kettlebells and dumbbells – Use each on a different day and try a variety of workouts involving them.
  •             Overhead press
  •             Barbell lifts
  •             Barbell squats
  •             Leg press
  •             Bench press

Importance and Benefits of Strength Training for Women

The benefits are numerous, and we can hardly list all of them. Various scientific studies have backed this and people who have done this can confirm the same.

First, it is good to clear the misconception that weight lifting makes women bulky. It does not. This is the best way to tone your body. Most celebrities with lean muscles have been lifting weights more often than running. You too can follow suit without fear, especially if you have a fitness trainer to guide you. Get some enhancement gear to boost your lifting, and you will increase your chances of toning the body.

Another importance of lifting weight is to accelerate results. Science shows that weight lifting exercises are still effective even many hours after the session. The body will continue to burn calories and grow muscle even when one is resting or sleeping. Thus, women will hit their fitness goals faster when they get involved in weightlifting. A woman who has a short time to burn the most calories before her wedding or any other event will be better with this option.

More strength means better bones – From the start, we have mentioned that the importance of strength training is to improve bone density. This improves the posture in return and keeps some illnesses related to the body frame at bay. Women should be strong, and nothing should come between them and this dream. It is achievable for everyone who has a good training plan.


Women are very lucky because it has been confirmed several times that strength training is practical and yields the best results. However, as mentioned at the start, cardio workouts also play a crucial role, and that is why creating a balance is a must.

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