Layers on Layers: Layering Up in The Colder Seasons

With summer well behind us, the time has come to change your fashion eye onto the autumn and winter seasons. As the cold climate starts to become more and more common, a change of wardrobe can stop you from getting caught out. Winter is also a fantastic excuse to layer up and start experimenting with more of your wardrobe. Here are a few ideas for when you need to start layering up.


Making their way back into the fashion world straight from the 1980s, turtlenecks are a brilliant way to stay comfortable and look fashionable when it gets a bit colder. We’d suggest going for strong, block-neutral tones like white, grey, and black, freeing you up to mix and match elsewhere. Dark turtlenecks look effortlessly chic with a lighter jacket and blue jeans, offering up a gorgeous contrast. If you’re looking to channel a retro vibe, you can’t do much better than a turtle neck.

Turtleneck sweater
Photo by Omar Tursić on Unsplash


Both sexy and comfortable boots that go all the way up your thighs are one of the picks of the season this year. Mix things up with a chic midi dress and cool leather jacket, and you could make a combo that can’t be beaten. The variety of boots on offer is huge. If you want something extra chic, high knee boots are set to be one of the biggest trends this coming season. Paired with a jumper dress, your rainy-day look could look extra cute with some knee-high boots. Alternatively, some smaller, more subtle black shoes could be the final piece of the puzzle for your look. Try pairing up your black shoes with some bright socks, and you’ll have an unbeatable modern look.


Image from Free-Photos on Pixabay

Shirts are a great way to add some formal undertones to your overall look. If you’re struggling to decide between a jacket and open arms, shirts are a brilliant compromise. Why not try experimenting with some bold animal print designs and big block colors? You’ll be a ray of sunshine in the gloomy weather. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, formal neutral colors make a big first impression in the office, especially when linked with a cute bag and accessories.

Baggy jumpers

Keep stealing your boyfriend’s baggy jumpers? We don’t blame you – oversized jumpers are the best! Build up your own collection, and those rainy days indoors will feel even cozier. If you need to go outside, why not pair your jumper with a dress? There’s plenty of cute, flowery dresses that suit the spring months down to a tee. When mixed and matched with a baggy oversized jumper and some cute black boots, you’ll have a comfy look to die for.

Little black bomber

It’s time to ditch the LBD and take out your LBB (little black bomber). The ideal way to layering up your dress this season is with an LBB. Similar to the LBD, the LBB is a satin style that can be mixed up with so many other clothes from your wardrobe. Little black bombers link up perfectly with some ‘90s baggy jeans and a neutral white underneath. Whether you’re looking to follow the Grease Lightening vibes or just want to add some ultra-modern black to your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a little black bomber.

Trench coat

Pairing up your dresses with a trench coat is one of the most impressive ways to layer up this season. Whether you’re on a walk or heading to the town, a trench coat keeps you looking chic and feeling cozy whatever the time of day. This chic style combines contemporary charm with a distinctly retro vibe to create a coat that will work with most of the clothes in your wardrobe. Long parkas are another great option if you’re looking for a similar style.

Hats and gloves

Winter gloves
Photo by Mara Ket on Unsplash

Hats and gloves are a must for any fashionista during the colder months. Luckily, it’s super easy to pair up a variety of different styles. If you’re wearing more neutral styles, a colorful hat and glove combo can add some contrast to your look. Gradually starting to come back into style, retro mittens are another cute option to add to your winter wardrobe. Bobble hats can keep that cute retro vibe going too. Whether you choose to add a splash of color to your look or compliment a neutral style with blacks and whites, the right hat and glove combo can do wonders for your winter look.


Supplementing a winter look with accessories is a fantastic way to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Is your look missing a certain sparkle? A beautiful, dazzling necklace works exquisitely over a black turtle neck and hat combo. Rings can also add some contrast to your look and help to keep things interesting. If you’re not wearing a hat, we’d suggest going for some chic hair accessories. It looks like face masks might be around for the foreseeable future too – why not add a blooming floral pattern to your look and bring some sunshine to the darker months?


Looking to ride that classical wave? It doesn’t get much more traditional than cardigans. These super chic jackets have become a staple of plenty of fashionista’s wardrobes and for a good reason. Cardigans are great for layering up and can add a snug, homely touch to your overall winter look. We’d recommend finding a classic, darker, and knitted style and mix it up with a gorgeous white top. One thing’s for sure – cardigans are officially cool for all ages.

If you need some more autumnal inspiration, Chi Chi Clothing has got you sorted. Up-to-date with all the fashion world trends, Chi Chi has a huge variety of gorgeous women’s clothing available for all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, winter looks are all about layering up and keeping things comfortable. Experiment with different styles and shades, and you could stumble across a magical combo. If you can find that balance between chicness and snugness, you’ll have a winter wardrobe to die for.

Featured Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash