Life With a Girl Toddler: What to Do and What to Wear

If you have a young daughter who’s getting old enough for some more interesting clothes than a simple onesie, you’ve probably already done your fair share of online and in-store clothes shopping. It can be really fun finding cute, pretty outfits for your daughter to wear, especially if the two of you have a special event coming up. Before you know it, she’ll be in charge of her own wardrobe, and you’ll no longer have the luxury. Bitsy Bug Boutique has some lovely, tasteful, and comfortable outfits for toddlers aged three months to five years, so you can stock up on your favorites for the next few years to come. We’ve created a list of our favorite toddler girl outfits for every occasion. 

1. Picnic

A summer picnic is a fun, cheap, and relaxing activity that’s perfect to do with your daughter. Pack a bag with some sandwiches, a blanket, and some toys, then head to your favorite local park. The two of you can enjoy the sunshine all afternoon, and you’ll have a great chance to unwind and bond with your toddler.

What to wear

For a picnic, we recommend the Floral Romper from Bitsy Bug. This adorable floral romper is the perfect outfit for a summertime picnic. With its charming, soft floral print, this romper has a retro, vintage feel. It has super cute winged sleeves and a ruffled bottom, making it an unusual children’s romper. Your daughter will look cute as a button in this outfit and is sure to stand out from the crowd. Made with a cotton blend, it’s perfectly comfortable and can be machine or hand-washed. 

2. Slumber party

Image by C MG from Pixabay

If you have other children, or if your daughter has a few toddler friends, it can be fun to host a pretend slumber party. Obviously, you’ll want everyone to get to their own beds at bedtime, but in the early evening, set up a children’s film, get everyone some snacks, and have a cozy night in. 

What to wear

The perfect outfit for a comfy slumber party is the Bunny Ear Hooded Romper. This adorable children’s romper is ideal for snuggling up in front of the TV. With three color options of red, gray, or black, you can let your daughter pick her favorite color. She’ll love the novelty of having bunny ears, and having this special slumber party romper will make her extra excited for the event.

3. First day of nursery

Your daughter’s first day of nursery is a huge milestone. You’re bound to shed a tear or two as you send your daughter off into the world. It’s a valuable time for her to meet new friends and start learning more about the world. You want her to understand the significance of her education. Giving her a special first day of school outfit will encourage her to start taking her education seriously, even from this young age.

What to wear

A great, smart outfit for this occasion is Bitsy Bug’s Polka Dot Romper. This romper is simple and stylish. Its burgundy red background color is perfect for the more serious occasion. It also comes with a matching headband, so your little girl’s hair will be kept out of her face stylishly and cutely. The polka dot pattern is subtle and sweet. Your little girl will look all grown-up in this perfect back to school romper.

4. A day at the beach

During the hot summer months, it can be enjoyable to take a trip to a beach if you’re lucky enough to have one close by. Toddlers love the excitement of the waves and the sand. They’ll have hours of fun making sandcastles and paddling in the water. You’ll also get a chance to lie back in the sun and relax. If your toddler doesn’t feel like taking a dip, there are plenty of beach-appropriate outfits to take the place of a swimsuit. 

Day at the Beach
Image by Darrel Collins from Pixabay

What to wear

Try Bitsy Bug’s Boho Floral Backless Romper. This adorable, chic romper comes in either a yellow or a pink tropical palm tree design. It’s perfect for a hot summer day at the beach. It has an easy tie halter neck and adorable details on the bottom. This romper is so cute that you’ll wish it came in a larger size!

5. Arts and crafts day at home

Sometimes, nothing is more fun than a relaxed afternoon at home, making some fun arts and crafts with your toddler. Getting messy and creative can be great for her brain development, and it’s a chance for you two to bond. You’ll also create some fun crafts you can keep for years and show her when she’s older.

What to wear

For the young budding artist, Bitsy Bug has a lovely, stylish, minimalist romper. Their Girls’ Romper Jumpsuit is comfy and relaxed, perfect for getting creative. This super chic jumpsuit comes in six different colors and fits girls up to age six. You’ll be hard-pressed to find such a modern, fashionable romper anywhere else, so check out Bitsy Bug!

6. Birthday party

You’re bound to attend your fair share of toddler birthday parties as your daughter grows up. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday or her own, a birthday party is always a fun celebration, especially as the children get old enough to understand the concept. Include your daughter in the preparations, so she’s engaged in the event. Let her take part in choosing the present and also in choosing her outfit.  

What to wear

A great place to start is the Striped Fashion Romper. This adorable and super stylish children’s romper is perfect for a party. She’ll look all grown-up in this outfit, which is perfect if it’s her birthday. This romper is perfect if your toddler’s a little older.

7. Family festival

Going to a family-friendly music festival is a great thing to do with your kids. They’ll love the excitement and the music, and there might be entertainers for children. It’s guaranteed to be a fun day for the whole family that they’ll remember and cherish for years. Make sure to bring their favorite snacks and toys to avoid any unwanted tantrums on the day. 

What to wear

To get your daughter in the festival spirit, make sure she’s dressed for the occasion. Think of feathers, tassels, and lace. You’ll probably want to wear your coolest boho maxi dress or skirt, and why not dress your toddler in a similar fashion? The Boho Babe Feather Romper is perfect for a festival. This funky romper will get your toddler excited for the fun day ahead. Plus, it comes with a cute, feathery headband to complete the look.

8. Family reunion

Attending a big family gathering can be stressful at the best of times. Bringing a toddler with you will probably make you a little nervous. It’s the last place you’ll want to be dealing with a meltdown. If you’re looking to impress your family with your sweet, cute, and well-behaved little girl, start by getting her dressed for the part. Hopefully, the rest will follow!

What to wear

Go for the Chic Knitted Romper for this event. This is a cute, comfy romper that also looks quite smart. Your daughter will look well-dressed in this outfit with its ruffled neckline and high-quality knit at the bottom. It comes in three lovely colors, so you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your toddler perfectly.

9. Christmas morning

Whether it’s her first, second, or third Christmas, it’s bound to be an extra special and exciting day. Christmas morning should be a happy, cozy, family-oriented time. Make it extra special by getting your daughter a festive, warm onesie to enjoy it in.

What to wear

The Knitted Braid Romper in red is a Christmassy, cozy onesie that’s perfect for Christmas morning. With its thick lining, your daughter will feel warm and happy all Christmas morning. Plus, she’ll look lovely in all the family photos you take while opening presents. This romper also comes in several other colors, so it’s perfect for any cozy, winter mornings.

10. A day on the farm

Kids are fascinated by animals. If you know someone who lives on a farm, or if there’s a petting zoo near where you live, your daughter will love seeing some real-life farm animals. It will be a great place to practice her animal sounds!

What to wear

Get your little farm girl ready with the Blue Jean Romper. This all denim outfit is ideal for a farm but is still super cute and trendy for anything else. Pair it with some sturdy boots and a straw hat, and you two will be all set to meet the animals.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit. Even from a very young age, children begin to understand clothes. If they feel confident and proud of what they’re wearing, they’re more likely to engage with their surroundings positively. Check out all of the baby girl rompers available at Bitsy Bug Boutique. Your little girl will look and feel amazing in the stylish outfits and will be ready for any occasion that might arise.