Live in the Best Place to Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Who doesn’t want to live in a clean and beautiful place? People nowadays are investing more money in the properties than the other thing. The living style gives the introduction of someone’s lifestyle and status. That is why people are trying to develop it as much as they can. Builders are building high-value properties all over the world. One of them is Irwell Hill Apartments.

Moving into a condo can be an incredible idea for certain people. With the lower complete costs of lofts, the feeling of having a place with an area, and the various conveniences they give, it is sensible why more people are moving into apartment suites.

Among the absolute best advantages of purchasing an apartment suite is that they watch out for not expense as much for upkeep as a home would. Customary month-to-month apartment suite costs are regularly used to cover the costs of maintenance and upkeep, general support of the complex structures, and finishing. Some condo associations have been noted to use the costs they accumulate to cover a couple of the more affordable energies like water, trash, and surprisingly the link and web.

The location of the Irwell Hill Condo is one of the best places to live to upgrade your lifestyle. It is situated in one of the top districts of Singapore, District 9. High-class private residents surround the apartment, and Orchard Road is within a 5-minute walking distance. The Singapore River and dining hotspot Robertson Quay is also within walking distance. 


The families who have kids also get the advantage of living within 1km distance of River Valley Primary School, which is one of the best schools in Singapore. Apart from that, there are many high-quality schools situated within a short distance.

The site is also convenient for moving around as it is accessible from every side. The apartment is less than 3 minutes walk from the Great World MRT station. It is also 10 minutes drive from Marina Bay and Raffles Place. 

Best schools in Singapore
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Wide scope of loft formats 

The Irwell Hill homes have an enormous assortment of condo designs, including studios, one-room, two-room, three-room, four-room, and sky penthouses. Each unit brings with it a luxury lifestyle.

Floor regions range from 400 to 600 square feet for the studios, 700 to 800 square feet for two-room condos, around 1500 square feet for four-room lofts, and around 2600 square feet for the sky penthouses with five rooms. The all-out number of units spread across the two pinnacles at the Irwell Hill Residences is 540. 

Public Transport

The site is also surrounded by bus stops and an MRT station. 

Assuming you have decided to buy your home, you need to see bunches of choices that are promptly accessible at Irwell Hill Residences. For various buyers outside there who want to get the best condominium for their family, verify that you set aside a large number of your effort to explore, contemplate and comprehend the best ideas that will help you get the absolute best townhouse that will suit your requirements.

Featured Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay