Look Cool, Be Warm: Mens Winter Style Guide

Mens winter style is something that is often sacrificed in the name of comfort. After all, when the cold months hit, it can be tempting to forget about looking good and just wrap up warm. But there are plenty of ways to keep your style, even in the worst of the elements.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your winter style, our fashion ideas will help you look cool while keeping the heat in.

Winter Hats

Winter Hats

Heat rises, so it figures that putting something on the top of your head is the best way to keep the heat in. If you’re already a hat aficionado you probably have a whole selection of baseball caps and fedoras.

For a stylish winter hat look, the Baker Boy hat for men (also called the newsboy hat) is currently hot for 2018/19. Hit TV show Peaky Blinders has a lot to answer for with this particular style.

Wool Coat

If you’re aiming for the stylish city gent look then a long wool coat is a must. Wool is a very durable and naturally insulating material, making any wool products perfect for the winter months. The wool coat is a fixture of the modern city and is great for layering with a suit, cardigan or pullover, although they tend to be quite drab colours.

Brands such as Reiss and Uniqlo do a range of fantastic and affordable wool coats.


In those winter months, footwear becomes even more important. You need something durable to avoid soggy socks syndrome and ensure you’re comfortable.

If you’re out and about hiking or exploring, a good pair of hiking shoes is an essential. Often treated with water repellents and lined with insulation, hiking shoes from companies like Sorel or Timberland are winter staples, especially in harsher climates.

But for the guy who wants to maintain his street smart look, hiking boots aren’t idea.

Consider new trends, such as wool shoes. As a natural fibre that is both water resistant and insulating it makes sense that wool shoes should be a good choice for winter. There are several brands who make great looking wool shoes for men and women. These styles aren’t just comfortable and winter proof, they’ve got street styling too. To top it off wool is often more environmentally responsible and socially conscious, meaning you’ll be doing your bit for global harmony too!

Snowboarding Jackets

When it gets cold you want to be sure that no breeze or moisture is going to get under your skin. Snowboarding jackets are designed for wearing on the slopes, so there are all kinds of things to keep you warm and secure.

Most include ‘snow skirts’ which are designed to stop snow getting under your jacket, ventilation panels to allow air in (or keep it out if you need), lots of pockets; and they often have clever features like headphone flaps or device accessibility pockets.

They also look a bit more stylish than the standard drab colours you’ll find on the street in winter. So if you’re looking for a bit more ‘cool’, take a look at brands like Burton or Patagonia.

Leather Gloves

Nobody likes having cold hands right? Good leather gloves are an essential winter style accessory that should last you a long time. Why leather? They go with pretty much everything and can be worn for work or casual purposes… Oh and it’s naturally insulating and waterproof.

With that in mind, cheap gloves aren’t ideal so be sure to invest in some quality gloves to last you a few more winters. You can find leather gloves with touchscreen fingertips and wrist fastening for maximum usability and minimal cold exposure.

For reliably high quality leather gloves, companies like Dents are the go to. But you’ll find great options from Hennes/H&M all the way up to major fashion houses.

Other accessories like scarves and chunky knit sweaters are timeless mens winter style essentials, so make sure you wrap up warm and style out the winter like a boss.

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