Packing Tips to Enjoy Your Anguilla Stay Like a Local

Packing for a vacation to a new place can be quite a challenge. If you don’t have friends or family who have visited the destination before, you may spend hours scouring the internet and watching packing videos to try and find the perfect packing list. Today we’ll share some packing tips to help you pack quickly for your stay in Anguilla. You’ll have everything you need for your trip and feel like a local!

Tip #1: Think about the weather.

The weather is important to think about no matter where you are traveling. Specifically for Anguilla, the weather is particularly sunny due to the geography island. Unlike other mountainous islands in the Carribean, Anguilla does not attract rain clouds. It is so sunny in Anguilla that even during the rainy season which ranges from the months of September to October, the weather is described as being sunny!

Taking this into account, it should be pretty easy to pack! You’ll want to be sure that you are packing for warm and sunny weather! This means that you’ll want to pack lots of shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Aside from casual wear, for an evening out you’ll be comfortable in a dress or nice shorts. You’ll also want to be sure that you pack a lot of water wear as the island is full of water activities. You’ll want to be sure to bring a bathing suit for a relaxing day at the beach and a wetsuit for some off-shore adventures!

In addition to clothing, it is also important to think about the shoes that you will bring! If you plan to explore the island, you should bring a pair of sensible walking shoes. You should also bring at least one pair of sandals for the beach and a pair of water shoes for any water activities you choose to participate in. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a pair of fancy shoes incase you choose to indulge in a fancy dinner!

Tip #2 Think about Accessories for Water Activities

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Aside from appropriate swimwear, you should also be thinking about other accessories you will need when you are embarking on water adventures in Anguilla. If you are a serious swimmer, you’ll want to bring some of your favorite gear! At the minimum, you’ll want to bring a nice snorkeling mask so you can see all the fish that swim just beneath the crystal clear water. If you have the room in your suitcase, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring your flippers and snorkel too! Whether you are snorkeling just off the shore or are jumping in the water from a private charter, you’ll be grateful that you brought all of the snorkeling gear.

When you aren’t using your water gear, you can stow it at your Anguilla Luxury Villas so you won’t have to worry about having a place to store it.

Tip #3: Think about Accessories for Land Activities

When you’re not enjoying activities on the water, you’ll be enjoying plenty of land activities! You’ll want to be sure that you pack a few essentials for land activities, some of which can be used for water activities too! The first of these essentials is sunglasses since it is basically always sunny in Anguilla! In addition to sunglasses, another essential for sunny weather and outdoor activities is sunscreen! You’ll want to be sure to pack extra sunscreen for the trip because you’ll need it for all activities on the island.

In addition to the basics like sunglasses and sunscreen, you should also bring along a small backpack to keep your essentials in while you have fun in the outdoors. Lastly, a camera is essential to capture all of the memories you are making with your travel mates! You are sure to be making lots of memories that you will want to capture with a camera so that you remember them forever! If you have a nice camera (in addition to your cell camera) the island’s vibrant landscape will make for a breathtaking backdrop for portraits! Take advantage of the natural beauty of the island and create beautiful images that will surely spark a conversation about your trip! When you’re not using these items, you can leave them at your Villa for safekeeping!

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