Posters and Their Common Types

Posters are an immensely popular means to provide information. Did you know that the first posters appeared way back in the 1840s, at a time when color lithography was perfected and mass production was made possible? With advances in technology, such as large format printing, today you can create the most innovative custom posters, such as those available in NYC, and attract your target audience.

Here’s a look at the various ways in which posters can be used.

Advertising Posters

This is the most common and popular type of poster. One of the earliest examples of advertising through posters was when posters were used for recruitment during World War II. Today, posters are widely used in brand advertising. A well-designed poster is an amazing advertising tool for marketing campaigns, says New York Banner Stands a reputed Custom Printing Service in NYC.

Advertisement posters can be displayed almost everywhere, due to their small size, and are therefore extremely popular. Their popularity can be judged by the fact that custom poster printing is a booming business in NYC these days. There are plenty of advertising poster templates that will give you endless ideas to create your arts. Start designing your poster with the favorite template now!

Film Posters

Film posters might be the most beloved type of posters. Technically, they are also advertising posters, since they are used to promote a movie. However, there are significant differences in the design of film posters, compared to those used to advertise brands and products.

A film poster is a poster used to promote and advertise a film. Studios often print several posters that vary in size and content for various domestic and international markets. They normally contain an image with text. Today’s posters often feature photographs of the main actors. Prior to the 1980s, illustrations instead of photos were far more common. The text on film posters usually contains the film title in large lettering and often the names of the main actors. It may also include a tagline, the name of the director, names of characters, the release date, etc.

Film posters generally contain images and illustrations and are intended to make the viewer feel excited about the movie. They also give the viewers an idea of what the film is about. Apart from the graphics and the name of the movie, film posters also contain the names of the director and the cast to entice movie-buffs.

Social Posters

Social posters are aimed at raising awareness about various issues, whether political, social or environmental. Social issues, such as corruption, gender inequality and climate change, are often highlighted in such posters, through abstract and vivid imagery. Irony is also often employed in such posters to highlight the magnitude of an issue.

Motivational Posters

Motivational posters are highly valuable for society. They are used to encourage people towards something positive. Such posters are most commonly seen in corporate offices, where they are used to motivate employees to work with dedication and persistence. They can also be used at social events aimed at helping people who are facing adversities in life.

Event Posters

Event posters are used to announce upcoming events, such as music concerts, art exhibitions and plays. Such posters have very creative designs, since they need to be eye-catching, compelling and original. Designers also keeps in mind the mood of the event and try to reflect that through custom illustrations and original photos.

Posters have been in business for over a hundred years now. And, it doesn’t seem like they’re going away anytime soon. If you’re a social activist or an entrepreneur who wants to create a captivating poster, make sure you choose a skilled and experienced service for custom posters, such as those in NYC.

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