Six Sensational Personalized Gifts for Chocolate Lovers

Christmas is a time for celebrating good fortune, sharing good times with friends and family, and overindulging. A lot of overindulging. It can be hard knowing what to get people for Christmas. But when it comes to chocolate lovers, you can’t go wrong with a little something sweet. Check out our edit of irresistible chocolate Christmas Gifts for men and women who can’t say “no” to sweet treats. 

It’s not Terry’s

The chocolate orange is a staple of festive snacks. Of course, they are around all year, but they really come into their own at Christmas, when suddenly it is obligatory to have at least one chocolate orange in the house. For lovers of those melt-in-the-mouth segments, this personalized chocolate orange takes the firm festive favorite a step further. Covered in lashings of white chocolate, icing holly, and a name in milk chocolate, this chocolate orange Christmas pud is the perfect gift for teachers, friends, or just for you. After all, you deserve it. 

If it’s good enough for the Ambassador…

With its crisp shell, deliciousness nuttiness, and silky interior, for many, the Ferrero Rocher epitomizes indulgence. Add a splash more luxury with a personalized Ferrero Rocher box – just in case anyone was ever in any doubt about who the chocolates really belong to. We think the large box is opulent, but if you really want to go out, you can get the iconic cone.

Little pyramids of delight

Evoking images of snow-topped mountain peaks and with their indisputable holiday connotations, there’s nothing like a Toblerone to get you in the holiday mood. Unless you get a personalized Toblerone, which takes it to the next level. Best enjoyed with friends – or alone, so you don’t have to share. 

This time, it’s personal

With delicious flavor combinations and a distinctly artisanal feel, Lily O’Brien’s chocolates are a real treat. But they don’t just stop at making exquisite chocolates; their personalized photo box features six different delicious confections and a photo of your choice on the box; what’s not to love? 

Image by Alexander Stein from Pixabay

Say it with chocolate

If they love top-quality chocolate, they will LOVE Cocoapod’s handmade confections. Choose a beautifully painted box containing 27 blocks with which you can give your message. What will you say? Merry Christmas, darling? I love you? Marry me? Add a touch of sparkle with decorated chocolates; choose holly, stars, or a simple heart for a gift that says it all. 

Cards just got better

A Christmas card is nice. A personalized card is very nice. A personalized chocolate Christmas card? That’s a whole different ballgame. This affordable, personalized card is a perfect token gift for teachers, parents, friends, anyone who loves chocolate! 

Whatever your budget, it really doesn’t matter how much you spend or how big the gift; it really is the thought that counts. So, whether you spend £85 on a Ferrero Rocher cone or £2 on a personalized card, make sure that you buy with love and confidence that someone knows you care about. And, whatever happens, they get chocolate at the end, which is all that really matters! 

Featured Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay