Things to Consider When Finding the Best Pain Specialists in Maryland

In Maryland and other parts of the U.S., one in every five adults experiences chronic pain. And one in four adults suffers from pain, which lasts for more than 24 hours. So, it is not surprising to look at the increasing number of pain specialists in Maryland.

When it comes to the best Maryland pain specialists, they are the ones who can help treat your pain and make a difference in your life. But finding the best specialist can be a little difficult, as not all specialists are legitimate and experienced. 

Here are a few options you should consider while choosing a pain specialist. 

Check If They Are Board Certified

Treating pain is a complicated procedure, and every day, there are many new types of research taken up, and the medicinal field is always evolving. So, the specialized pain doctors should know the physiology of the pain, tests used to find its cause, and the right treatment to cure it.

The best pain specialists in Maryland should be experts in performing various pain-relieving procedures like spinal injections, nerve blocks, joint injections, epidural injections, etc. 

When it comes to certification, in Maryland and other areas in the United States, only three organizations offer a pain management certification, The American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, the American Board of Anesthesiology, and the American Board of Neurology & Psychiatry.

So, before you choose, make sure if the specialists are certified.

Look For Different Treatment Options They Offer

Everyone does not experience pain in the same way. Similarly, when it comes to responding to treatments, a treatment that works for one person will not work for the other. Steroid injections may work for certain patients, while for others, spinal cord stimulation will provide relief.

Opioid medications are also playing a part in pain treatment. But the specialists who suggest opioid medication should strictly follow the board guidance provided by the Maryland Board of Physicians as there are certain risks to it. 

So look into the treatment options they offer. The more options they provide, the higher the chances of your recovery.

Are They Experienced In Treating All Type of Pains

They treat all types of pain
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When compared to cancer pain, the pain you experience due to rheumatoid arthritis is very different. In turn, cancer pain is different from that of migraines. So you have to make sure that the specialist you are planning to choose has good experience in treating your specific ailment. 

Check their expertise in the field and what methods they recommend to treat your ailment before you make a decision.

Treatment Programs Involving Multiple Specialists

Depending on your ailment and condition, sometimes you may need help from different medical professionals. 

Most of the best Maryland pain specialists start with integrated pain management and, according to your need, introduce you to collaborative relationships with other specialists like physical medicine specialists, physical therapists, behavioral health providers, and pain management specialists. 

Physical therapy is for strengthening your muscles so that you can move without pain, and even chiropractic care or acupuncture may be the right treatment for you. According to American Pain Foundation, an average of 65% of depressed people complain of pain. In this case, a counselor is someone you may need.

So, check if they have the means to involve you with multiple specialties to treat your root cause as well.   

Are You Comfortable With the Specialist

Must be comfortable with the specialist
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If you want to see improvements in your health, see good results, and eventually feel healthy, you and the doctor must be on the same team and good terms for treatment options, fees, and everything else. The average consultation fee for a pain specialist in Maryland can range from $150 and above, depending on other factors, and be lesser with your insurance coverage.

You have to feel that the doctor respects you and understands your pain and what you are going through. Only when you are comfortable and on the same page with the doctor will you be able to work together, solve your problem and improve your health.

Don’t Forget the Location

Pain relief or any other medical treatment for that matter does not happen overnight. Some of you may require visiting the specialist for more than one session for the treatment. 

As you are already in pain and undergoing treatment, it will be more convenient to look for a facility near you. For example, Glenn Dale is a convenient location if you live in Maryland, Virginia, or other Washington DC areas. 

As long journeys can take a toll on your already existing pain, you have to make sure that you find someone near you so that you can take it easy on the trip.

The best pain specialists in Maryland are the ones who don’t just provide you relief from discomfort and chronic pain. They are also the ones who are responsible for helping you regain and boost your health. If you are going through pain right now, reach out to a local specialist as soon as possible. 

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