Tips for Choosing the Best Business Casual Clothing

Basically, we have four known types of corporate dress codes, namely; business formal, business professional, business casual, and casual clothing.

Business casual dress codes allow you to add a bit of personality to your style while still looking professional. It allows for more colors incorporated into your outfits and gives room for more accessorizing. It is always advisable to know the difference between business casual clothing and casual clothing. For casual attire, you are expected to arrive at your workplace, looking neat and appropriately dressed for your job role. A casual dress code does not hold back on what to wear or what not to wear. However, for a business casual look, it is expected that you look business-ready but not dressed in a full corporate look. For instance, a skirt worn with a cardigan or jacket will fly. 

Here are a few tips on how best to put together business casual clothing.


For men, collared button-ups in any cool color will look great. If you are wearing muscle tee, they should come in conservative patterns. Necktie patterns such as polka dots, stripes, or checks are acceptable. You could step up your look with a pullover worn on a collared shirt.

Incorporating dressy slacks like black, brown, or beige colored dress pants and pressed khakis that can be worn with or without a sports jacket is great too. 

Do not forget to accessorize. A simple leather watch will be fine. Also, ensure that your nails are well-trimmed and attractive while keeping haircuts simple and classy. 

You could always pull off a minimalistic business casual look and be stylish and trendy all at once. Shouting outfits do not receive a warm welcome in an office environment. Hence, you should carefully choose your choice of colors and styles in an office setting.


For the ladies, colored shirts and blouses are allowed. To slay this look, you can go for solid colors or muted patterns such as stripes or checks on black pants. Try to avoid low-cut shirts or too bright designs. 

For your skirts and pants, go for neat, well-pressed knee-length skirts. If your skirts are above the knees, then wearing pantyhose is needful. Ensure that the pants you wear are well pressed, too.

For your shoes and bags, you could pair your flats or loafers with handbags that are of the same hue. This will significantly increase your fashion look and elevate your style, making it look like you put more effort into rebranding your outfit. You should go for solid but warm colors such as black, navy, brown, or tan-colored shoes with covered toes.

For your nails, avoid keeping too long nails because they can be distracting. But if you cannot help it, make sure they look neat and well-groomed always. 

Pieces of jewelry are appropriate accessories for the business casual look. Therefore, adorning your outfit with a statement neckpiece or a silk scarf will look great. However, outlandish jewelry with shouting colors should be avoided. A simple wristwatch is entirely appropriate.