Tips to Promote Your Fashion Business on Social Media

If you’re thinking of taking your fashion brand to the next level, the integration of social media marketing strategies is the way to go. These creative techniques will help you expand your brand to a much larger audience. As far as your social media post reaches, it will automatically boost your sales. The competition to be at the top is always intense and one has to keep up the pace with the new trends in the market to get the due recognition.

If you want to make big on social media, the following tips will assist you.

Why Your Brand Needs to be on Social Media?

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According to a research, Ecommerce is only about 5% of omni-channel spending, but it’s responsible for 40% of its growth. It shows the trust and credibility of the digital world established through social media marketing. It also shows how fashion brands can get the best out of the rising trend of online shopping. It is all about riding the bandwagon at the right time and make your presence felt through ethical digital marketing strategies.

Not only this, social media has become an integral part of any marketing plan. We can’t deny its advantages for any brand but it works like magic for fashion brands. The reason is high visualization-based content. It is just like a piece of cake for fashion brands to ensure their presence on multiple social media channels, especially on Instagram and Pinterest. They can post images of their products in an attractive manner to create interest among the social media users.

Some of the highlights for fashion brands through social media are:

  • It creates brand awareness.
  • It increases the brand’s credibility and loyalty.
  • It brings more traffic to the website.
  • It promotes better customer service.
  • It gives you the privilege to perform over your competitor, etc.

Then why shouldn’t you give it a chance? This blog post will help you understand the basics of social media marketing strategies for your fashion brand.

Which Social Media Channel Works Best for Fashion brands?

Almost every social media platform will work best for your fashion brand in their respective capacity, but each one has a separate purpose. Instagram and Pinterest are visuals-based platforms, and it’s easy to promote the fashion content there.

Instagram clocks up 3.5 billion likes every day. How long-lasting and robust image will it create on user’s minds, imagine!

Prominent Features of Instagram

  • It has more than 1 billion active users
  • Highly visual medium gives the best perspective of product
  • User-Generated Content (quotes, story-building, etc.)
  • Instagram stories and footage of BTS-Behind the scenes- will provide you with more power to connect with the right audience.

Which Hashtags Should You Choose?

Choosing the right hashtags is a bit tricky, but once you understand the game behind it- you become unstoppable. It expands your social media reach to the next level. Like I got to know about Elizabeth Segerstrom’s Annual Summer Benefit and Auction cause through Instagram. And how huge an impact she is creating for people around the world. It brings new customers, fan following, and audiences to your content.

You may take help from some social media monitoring tools to make a cool hashtag for your brand. Make the other keywords related to the brand’s attributes, interests, and the qualities that make it unique. You may never know when it might go on trending. And always monitor the hashtag’s performance on social media.

How to take Customers’ Reviews & Testimonials?

One of the most useful techniques to boost your brand’s impact and trust to masses is taking live Customer reviews. It convinces other prospective customers to trust in your brand by going through testimonials by your happy clients.

Make sure that the testimonial should look authentic and aesthetically perfect. How? By asking them to attach one of the real pictures of the product or something which gives a personal touch.

For this purpose, you may add a widget for it to your brand’s website, which goes back to your social media channel. Now, it will look legit and convincing.

What Influencer Marketing does for Your Fashion Brand?

You can’t deny the pros of influencer marketing. And it’s the quickest way to get your targeted audience. How? As per a new research study, 49% of consumers depend upon the influencer’s recommendations before purchasing any item.

You may collaborate with micro-influencers in your niche. And what do they offer in return?

  • Maximize your brand’s awareness
  • Develop credibility towards your brands
  • Review your products
  • Create engagement for your brand which leads to high traffic for your website.

Final Words

Always remember, not-a-single social media marketing strategy would only work for your fashion brand. It’s a game of experimentation and how much you explore. Choose the right platform first and create your personalized content. Then execute your social media marketing plan accordingly and wait for the customers to reach you.

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