5 Easy Makeup Tips For Wedding Guests

Being invited to celebrate the union of two of two of your friends is a beautiful experience. The love, the food, the dancing, and the drinking; it’s all a great way to spend a day. But being a wedding guest can also be nerve-wracking. You want to strike the perfect balance between done up but not overdone. From your clothes to your hair to your makeup, it’s all a careful balancing act.

While there are plenty of places to get ideas on outfits, shoe styles, and hairstyles, it’s a little harder to get tips on makeup. You’ll want to dress up your usual look a bit, but you don’t want to make it look like you’re going out on New Year’s Eve either.

Here are five tips we offer on how to amp up your makeup look for a wedding, without going overboard.

  1. Add a splash of color

If you don’t usually wear lipstick, this can be a great time to try out a new color. Match the color to the season by wearing nudes or pinks in summer, and try something bolder for fall or winter, like plum or burgundy.

To make sure that you don’t leave little kisses everywhere you go, invest in a long-lasting lip color or stain that resists transferring, and bring your shade with you for touch-ups.

Pro tip? Bring a travel pack of baby wipes in your purse. They can help with color touch-ups or remove leftover lipstick at the end of the night.

  1. Get lash extensions

If you want to add some serious drama to your look, consider getting lash extensions ahead of the big day. JJ’s House designer Jessica recommends the ‘classic’ look, which attaches one slightly thicker, longer lash to each natural lash. This gives eyes a wider, more open appearance, while still looking quite natural.

The best part? After 24 hours, these babies are immune to tears and sweat. So cry at the vows and then dance the night away without worrying about raccoon eyes.

  1. Do a smoky eye

smoky eye

Not ready to commit to eyelash extensions? The classic smoky eye is always gorgeous. Make sure you know your eye shape before attempting so that you don’t accidentally minimize your eyes here. The whole point is about a sultry look, not a squinty one.

  1. Get a spray tan

If you want to add some overall color in the summer or are hitting a destination wedding and don’t want to risk your skin, you can spend 15 minutes in a booth and come out looking fresh from the beaches.

It’s best if you get a spray tan with the help of a pro instead of in an automated booth. A pro can assess how much color to put on, what level of color you should get to look still natural, and even help emphasize muscle definition.

  1. Waterproof yourself

You’re going to be tearing up, sweating on the dance floor, and hopefully not worrying about your makeup smearing or fading. To prevent that, invest in a good primer (and eye primer) and a setting spray that will keep you looking fresh all night.

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