Top Tips for Getting Through Christmas Stress-Free

They say it’s the most wonderful time of year, Christmas. It can also be one of the most stressful, with so much to think about and do. It is a time when you reflect on moments of sadness that have happened throughout the year.

With so much to juggle, we often feel like we can’t cope, and at this time of year, many of us turn to alcohol. In fact, for those who need alcohol help, it can be one of the most common times of year to relapse, while binge drinking is also at an all-time high.

But it doesn’t need to be that way, so we’ve pulled together some top tips for a stress-free Christmas.

Be Realistic

Let’s face it. Life isn’t perfect. But watching TV, adverts, and social media can often make you want the perfect Christmas. That in itself is unrealistic and adds undue pressure and stress on getting everything right.

By being realistic, it takes the pressure off and allows you to enjoy what is happening rather than what could be and find yourself disappointed by that.

Don’t Over Indulge

We’ve already touched on alcohol, but we tend over Christmas to go all-in on junk food too, which can heighten stress. You know what they say: a healthy body, a healthy mind, and it’s so true.

Foods high in sugar will stress your body and nervous system, so just be mindful of what you are eating and drinking.

Take Time For Yourself

It’s such a busy time of year at Christmas, and you’ll spend much of it traveling from one place to another, seeing people and trying to appease everyone. Which often means you get very little time to yourself. 

Make sure you get some “you” time, whether an hour in the bath or a nice walk out of the house. Whatever you enjoy doing, take a bit of time to do it.

Say no!

Following on from that, you shouldn’t feel guilty when it comes to saying “no.” You don’t have to do everything asked of you, and by being selective over the period, you stay in control, will be able to monitor your well-being, and ultimately not burn or stress yourself out. 

You’re not party-pooping. It’ll make for a better and more stress-free you at Christmas time.

Featured Image by Andi Graf from Pixabay