Travel Storage Solutions for Your Business Traveler

Traveling for business can be stressful for you or a loved one. Finding the perfect travel storage products to travel with and keep organized can be challenging. My husband travels a lot for work. He is always asking me where is this and that as he is packing his suitcase? Do you have a small bag for these small items? I keep telling him to buy one for travel and keep everything together for his next trip. He eventually asked me to help him find something because he was frustrated looking at all the different items online. That is when I started my search. The downside is that I found more stuff for myself.

Travel storage for watches

My husband loves his watches. He is always trying to find the perfect travel storage container to keep them clean and safe. I found the ideal storage that holds up to four watches. He is in love because he gets to bring all of his favorite watches. I also ordered one for my mother-in-law. She is always traveling with watches and large bracelets. Her bracelets fit perfectly in the watch holder next to her watches to help protect her jewelry.


A different briefcase was next on my list to find. My husband sometimes only travels for two days at a time and hates taking a half-empty carry-on, plus his briefcase. I was in search of a briefcase with some storage for clothes. I did find a few for him to pick from on Amazon.

Power cords storage

The next task was to find something to hold all the power cords. It drives me crazy how many different power cords are needed for various electronics. You have your phone, tablet, and computer all using different cables. I was able to find a small carrying case that was perfect for storing all of his cords.

A surprise

During my search for travel items for him, I came across a set of cufflinks to surprise him for his next business trip. Because he loves his watches, I figured why not get him watch cuff links to show off the style of the inside of a wristwatch. I was amazed by the detail of the gears. I can’t wait for him to show it off to his coworkers and friends.


I hope you find a few items helpful that I found for my husband. I know he is happy with everything I found. The bonus is I get to use some of them when I get to travel without him.

Featured Image by LUM3N on Pixabay