What to Know About the Puffco Peak Vaporizer

When you are looking for a dashing chill or want to have something time consuming for leisure, a Puffco peak vaporizer can be a splendid companion. They are cheap, can be used with personalized flavor, have safety gears, and are used both indoors and outdoors. Besides, vaping is more enjoyable and less harmful than traditional smoking. This vaping kit provides a satisfying dabbing experience without messing up the taste and quality. Nowadays, the vaping rig is quite prevailing among vaping freaks. In this post, we will share for beginners what they should know about a Puffco peak vaporizer. Enjoy!

What is a Puffco peak vaporizer?

A puffco peak vaporizer is a portable electric vaping kit. Some users call it a smart vaporizer since it comes with intelligent temperature calibration. It means the kit can fix the heat and timing automatically. A puffco peak vaporizer is a compact and rechargeable electric kit for vaping. With its attached button, you can control the device. Most of them generally have four heat settings. The device foretells users about the temperature and battery using the LED ring. As a user, you can preheat the kit or wait to reach the perfect temperature. A Puffco peak vaporizer is an excellent alternative to cigarettes because they are equipped with advanced features and ease your social dabbing experience.

What to look for in this vaping kit?

Battery life

Since the battery is non-removable, you have to be careful about the battery life of this device. After it gets completely recharged, you should have at least 20 to 30 dabs. It may also vary because higher heat settings usually burn more energy. Before you pick one, always check the battery power duration. Ask if it features a quick recharge facility. Before each use, make sure the kit is well charged unless you want to be frustrated. 


Design preference is a personal choice. Puffco peak vaporizers are available in different shapes and sizes. Most users prefer smaller and lighter because they are easy to hold, can be used one-handed, and have less risk of slipping. If you decide to have a portable and smaller one, you can pick a conical shaped vaporizer like this Vapor solo Puffco peak device. 


If you want a perfect vaping experience, your vaping rig has to provide excellent performance. It should generate the right level of heat within thirty seconds so that you can have an instant vaping experience. Safety is another point you need to concentrate on. Check out the vaping bowl position on the device. It should be placed in a safe position so that you don’t burn your hand, even if you touch it accidentally. A Puffco peak vaping kit should have advanced features like smart temperature calibration.

Temperature settings

Temperature settings are a crucial point to check if you want a diverse type of vaping experience. Check the kit if it comes with smart temperature settings. Look for four temperature settings, including low, medium, high, and peak, that are available in most rigs. Due to multiple heat settings, you can enjoy small, medium, large, and extra-large loaves. Make sure the device indicates the temperature level with an LED indicator.

Vapor quality

Vapor quality is everything for what you are going to use it for. Puffco peak vaporizers with water filtration are great for high quality vaping. You can alter the flavor quality by switching the max or the peak settings. Thus you can enjoy a huge flavourful hit each session. Another benefit of using a water filter based vaporizer is, it saves your lungs. It cools down the vapor before it goes to your lungs. 

Build quality

Considering the manufacturing material is important for health as well as durability. The most recommended materials for a Puffco peak vaporizer are durable silicone and borosilicate glass. Both these materials are highly heat resistant and crack resistant.


Accessories are essential for enjoying the complete versatility of a vaporizer. When you choose one, check if all essential accessories such as a USB charger, loading tool, cotton swabs, carb cap, and additional ceramic bowl are given. Another essential accessory for a vaporizer is the travel pack. The pouch should have soft protective pads inside so that it provides protection and a carrying facility. Some vaporizer even allows you customization using additional accessories. You can check them out as well.

Cleaning and maintenance

For lessening hassles, always find a vaporizer with a low maintenance design. Make sure the device is easy to clean, and the material is well adaptive with cleaners. You can use iso alcohol for cleaning the ceramic bowl and glass bubbler in most cases. 


Most brands offer one year of warranty for the vaping kit. However, it may not cover accidental or abuse issues. You need to discuss in detail with the seller how the warranty can violate. Each brand has its own warranty policy. You can pick the one which suits you the most. 

Either you are a novice or an expert cannabis consumer, an outstanding vaporizer can enhance your overall dabbing experience. There is no straight answer to which one is the best for all. It is all about personalization. A vaporizer is not only a consuming item, but it is also a hobby product to many. This is why you should closely check each point for having the perfect puffco peak vaporizer.

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