Why are Cotton Clothes Prohibited in Swimming Pools?

While swimming is one of the most exciting activities to engage in, it also comes with physical and mental benefits. Nevertheless, like any other fun activity, swimming includes particular regulations such as the type of clothes to wear. Did you know that your swimwear actually influences your swimming experience? The most common types of fabrics used to manufacture swimsuits include nylon and polyester. 

While different brands manufacture swimwear, Limerick collections are among the best swimwear dealers you will ever find. You can visit their website and check out their great deals for various suits. You do not have to worry about being fashionable as they always uphold elegant styles and trends for their suits. Cotton clothes are usually restricted from being used in the pools. Check below to learn more about this.    

Reasons cotton Clothes Are Not Allowed in Swimming Pools.

Just like bathing, your swimwear is crucial to your swimming hygiene. Primarily, the type of swimsuit you wear decreases the risk of contaminating a pool with waterborne diseases and other external contaminants. 

Cotton clothes are restricted from swimming pools as they can hold germs, detergents, and bacteria. When these contaminants are released into the water, they can make the people using the pool fall ill. Consequently, these detergents and bacteria can influence water chemistry and clarity. Likewise, cotton is quite uncomfortable to swim in, following its absorbent nature. Unlike other materials such as polyester and nylon, cotton absorbs more water when immersed in water. Therefore, cotton suits will end up weighing you down, making it challenging to swim and have a good time in the pool. It also elevates the risk of drowning, especially if you are a newbie trying to learn how to swim. 

Can I Wear Cotton Shorts to the Pool? 

Most people might think that wearing a cotton shirt to the pool does not have that severe consequences when paired with a polyester top. However, this is not right. Like any other cotton linen, cotton shorts have the same effects in a pool. They will absorb the pool chemicals while increasing the risk of pool water contamination. Also, it will weigh you down as you swim, making the experience challenging and uncomfortable. 

What Should I Wear to A Swimming Pool?

Swimsuits have changed the swimming policies and the technology involved in their manufacture. The attire you wear in a swimming pool should make you feel confident, safe, and comfortable. For this reason, swimwear is presented in different styles, as other people have different body shapes and sizes. The various styles swimmers of all ages are allowed to wear include the following:

For Men,

  • One-piece
  • Swim shorts
  • Swim briefs
  • Trunks

For Ladies,

  • Skirted swimsuits
  • Bikinis
  • One-piece 
  • Tankinis

Can I Wear Leggings to a Swimming Pool?

While some people do not like to expose their bodies, they might choose to wear leggings to the pool. Leggings are allowed in the pool only if they are swimming leggings meaning that their material is appropriate for swimming. However, if they are regular leggings, you cannot use them for swimming.

Featured Image by luxstorm from Pixabay