Why Is Teaching So Rewarding?

Why is teaching so rewarding? Teaching is important; this is a fact that simply cannot be denied. Without teachers, very little would be done in the world – we need teachers to create the next generations of doctors, business owners, astronauts, scientists, anything you can think of. Everything starts with a good education, and teachers can change the world by helping children (and adults) get the education they deserve. 

It is clear that teaching is a hugely important job to have, but why is it so rewarding on a personal level? Let’s look a little closer to find out. 

You Are Responsible For An Entire Generation

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with teaching. It makes no difference if you are teaching high school, middle school, or elementary, or even if you’re teaching adults, you have the future of that particular generation to think of. You are responsible for giving them the future they can do something with and thrive in

This sounds like a massive responsibility, and it is why teaching isn’t necessarily something that everyone will be able to handle and do well. However, despite the pressure, if this is something you will enjoy, and you want to make this difference and be the reason people do well, then you should jump at the chance.

You are educating children in the subject or subjects you specialize in. Still, you are also teaching them manners, respect, how to learn, making friends, and a variety of other life skills that will help them become successful in the future. 

You Are Responsible For An Entire Generation
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You Never Stop Learning 

Teachers have a love of knowledge and learning; otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen this particular career. If you love learning and you’re worried that once you qualify as a teacher, even if you are specializing in just one subject, you won’t be able to continue gaining knowledge, or you won’t need to, don’t worry. Teachers are constantly learning. In fact, it is in their best interests (and the best interests of those they are teaching) for them to do so. If they can keep up to date with any new teaching methods such as those they would learn studying for an online masters in education, they will help their students even more. 

As a teacher, you might choose to focus on one subject, in which case, keeping up with any developments in this subject is crucial. If you are a math teacher, you need to know how math is being taught right now, not how it was taught five years ago, which could be something entirely different. Although history won’t change what needs to be taught, how this information is given out might change. As you can see, this idea will affect every subject, so ensuring you keep up with everything in your industry is all-important and will definitely be rewarding. 

It’s A Creative Career 

Teaching is the ideal choice if you are creative and are looking for a rewarding career. Gone are the days when teaching was very much a ‘set in stone’ kind of job that had to be done in one way. Today teachers can be much more creative and inject a lot more of their personality into their working life. Thus, ensuring that the children they are teaching can be as engaged and interested as possible, no matter how interesting or difficult the subject itself might be. 

When you are a teacher, you will need to come up with lots of different and inventive ways to help the children in your care learn as much and as well as they can. The more creative the lesson, the more information the children will be able to retain. This is why rote learning is no longer considered such a great way to teach anyone; it just isn’t interesting enough for children to remember it for the long term. 

Although there are some restrictions still when it comes to teaching, it is a career that allows you to be free and creative in many aspects, which will be extremely rewarding. You will be able to love your job and always be happy to go to school, and the children you teach will find that they can enjoy themselves too. If you want a career that really will allow you to be yourself, and that will allow you to build future generations, and that will give you plenty of rewards, teaching should certainly be your choice. 

You Could Change A Life 

You could change a life
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As a teacher, there aren’t many professions that can make so much difference in someone’s life, simply by doing your job. Yet teaching allows for this to happen, and it can change everything. For whatever reason, kids who might be finding schooling difficult can come alive when they have a good teacher to nurture them. This could foster an enjoyment of study or at least some interest in a specific subject, and this can turn a life that might have been unpleasant or miserable into something worthwhile and impressive. 

Or they might, even if they aren’t academically minded, still find absolute fulfillment in a role that they have only found because of your guidance. Plus, knowing they can do things when they are cared for in this way will give them a boost of confidence that will help them immensely in the future. 

All you need to do is your job, and as long as you do it well and watch out for those who might otherwise fall through the cracks, you can change so many lives in your career that it is impossible to calculate them all. 

A Varied Job 

Even without all the wonderful things you can do for so many different people throughout your work as a teacher, even if this wasn’t the case, the job would still be a rewarding one because it is so varied. You might not think this immediately; after all, teaching the same grade or subject year after year can’t change that much, can it? However, the truth is that it is in your hands to change things when you need to, and ensure that every day is different from the next, and every year’s class gets a variation on the same theme. 

Not only will this keep things new and fresh for you (even if the subject matter itself doesn’t change), but it will also mean the kids enjoy the lessons too. They won’t usually have heard your previous lessons, but by changing things, you will be more interested yourself, so your lessons will be fun and memorable. Saying the same thing over and over, or performing the same actions all day every day as some careers need you to do only means that, over time, that performance becomes stale. 

By including your class in with the lesson, you will always be able to change things as no class is ever going to be the same as the next. Because of this, the only thing you can be sure of when you arrive in the classroom to start your day is that you won’t entirely know what to expect, but that you know you’ll give the children learning from your very best. 

You Are Surrounded By Love 

Surrounded by love
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When you are a teacher, you will have a special place in many children and their parents’ hearts. It is sure to be so very rewarding to go into a place of work where people are genuinely pleased to see you, and where they want to know about the things you have been doing and are truly concerned about your wellbeing. 

Although you might make friends in other career areas, the love that a teacher receives from their students is something else entirely, and it is this that will give you a feeling you’ll never be able to forget. When you look into the faces of the children you are inspiring and see the love they have for you, you’ll never question your career choices, and you’ll be inspired yourself to do even more. 

You Will Be There For Milestones 

Being a teacher means you get to be there for all kinds of special milestones that will make a difference in the way you feel about your life and your career in the most positive of ways. There are very few careers that will give you this chance to be involved in the lives of the other people around you, but teaching is one that will, and that is extremely rewarding. 

Not only will you be there to celebrate a variety of different birthday and holidays, but you will be able to see your students gaining academic achievements too. You will even see previous students who have left your class or even the school altogether achieve great things too because many students want to keep in touch with teachers who affected them greatly and helped them become something in their life. 

Teaching Is Fun

Teaching is fun
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Having fun is one of the most important elements of any career, or even of any life. Without fun, no matter how successful you might be or how rich you are, you aren’t making the most of the time you have. Luckily, teaching is fun, so you can enjoy so much of your life even when you are at work – this not something everyone can say, and it’s yet another reason why teaching is rewarding. 

Children can be extremely funny, often without meaning too, and as they grow older, they also grow into their sense of humor and personality, so no matter what age you are teaching, you will have fun. It’s always a sure sign that you are in the wrong career if you cannot do this and enjoy as much as you can out of every day, so bear this in mind when you think about whatever it is you are doing now. 

Of course, teaching is stressful and hard, and there are many difficulties and challenges to overcome within the job. However, the fact that you can laugh a lot of the time and have such a close-knit team of other teaching staff to help you when you need it will make the negative much less noticeable than the positive. 

You Create Your Own Work Environment 

Most of the time, no one can create their own work environment. Their work is down to someone else telling them what to do, and they have to do what they’re told, working in the way they are told to until it’s time to go home again. This is not all bad. In fact, for some, it is perfect, and it is exactly how they want to work. Yet for others – those who would make great teachers – it is not ideal. 

For teachers, work is something completely different. They get to create their own work environment to exactly the specifications they are happy with. The environment will be a happy, nurturing one that is just right for learning, which will enrich the lives of those who go to school with that teacher. You can decide exactly how you do things (within certain limitations) and get the most out of your work life in this way. 

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You’ll Create Memories 

At the end of our lives, what is going to be most important? Will it be all the possessions we’ve built up around us or the memories we create? It has to be the latter – possessions won’t make us happy in the end, but having plenty of happy, warm memories about the things we were able to achieve will make us smile well into our old age. 

Teaching is just such a way to create some amazing memories. Ones that you can pass onto future generations either in lessons or by telling your own family about them. By the end of your teaching career, you’ll have so many stories to tell and so many triumphs to relive, as well as plenty of funny moments and heartwarming ones too, that you’ll be amazed when you really start thinking about it. 

Why is teaching os rewarding? Some of the kids you teach will never leave your mind, and these are the most special memories of all, especially if you were able to enjoy your rewarding career because of them. 

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