3 Tips to Throw the Perfect Moonlight Wedding

Unlike past generations, people getting married today have a lot more freedom. While some families still have strong ties to tradition, more and more couples realize the old way of doing things isn’t the only way. Of course, weddings don’t have to be paint-by-numbers, as you have the flexibility to plan the big day, however you desire.

For instance, one exciting trend has been the rise of the moonlight wedding. These nighttime affairs can make the vows even more special and offer your guests a departure from the same type of ceremony they’ve seen dozens of times. Beyond that, some people find they offer a different spiritual vibe that comes when you commit your love to another person under the moon.

No matter why you chose to tie the knot at night, there are a few things to keep in mind. The following tips and advice will help make sure it all goes according to plan.

1. Before the Event

Most of the typical pre-wedding routines don’t need to be any different than the norm. The big change will be the timing on the actual day itself, so everything will largely be similar when it comes to sending out invitations, hosting a rehearsal dinner, getting fitted in a dress, and setting up a registry.

One thing you may want to consider altering, however, is tying the bridal shower more closely to the theme. You can incorporate nighttime themes, including the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and even the bridal shower invitations you send out, to add more of a connection and prepare for the day.

2. When and Where

wedding venue
Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash

Because you’re getting hitched outside at night, it will naturally be a bit more limiting when it comes to when and where you hold the event. While a daytime indoor wedding may work just fine on a December New England afternoon, don’t try to pull that off at 8 p.m. by the side of an icy river. Your guests will freeze!

Instead, you’ll want to pick a time of year and location where the weather will be agreeable. And when it comes to location, there is definitely something to be said for establishing a connection to nature. If a body of water, garden, or wooded area is nearby, it will definitely enhance the mood.

3. Hosting a Reception

Wedding cake
Photo by Kadyn Pierce on Unsplash

Naturally, the moonlight wedding will be taking place later than a typical ceremony. This means your guests may be unsure exactly when they will be eating and what the reception will look like. In general, it will still be great to have everyone celebrate with food and drink after the knot is formally tied.

But you need to be cognizant of the fact that many people — especially older guests — may not be prepared to stay up until past midnight. In that vein, try to move things along quickly after the vows so everyone can participate in the most important moments.

Moonlight Delight

A wedding under the moonlight can be a gorgeous thing. Indeed, you’ll never forget the way the night looked.  Many of your guests will be appreciative of having a different type of event to enjoy.

Just make sure you understand there are few key differences as you plan. Get a little creative with a themed bridal shower.  Make sure you pick the right time and location.  Think about how the timing and atmosphere of the reception might need to be altered.

If you nail all these small details, everything should go smoothly and according to plan. Everyone — from your partner and your family to your dearest guests — will start to think about how to host a great wedding in a new light.