4 Benefits of a Smart Home

Smart homes are popular because technological innovations just make your life easier. Already, three out of five Americans buy smart home devices to monitor their house via their smartphone, and 68% of people think that smart homes will be as common as smartphones in 10 years. The wave of this future innovation has exploded beyond the smart vacuum cleaner. Our current reality is that we could control everything from the coffee pot to the basics of environmental controls, pet feeding, and even monitoring your activity levels. 

Automates You

Home automation is not really new. Various aspects of automation have been available for lighting and other appliance features for decades. The new wave of automation is part of the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT is much more seamless in its integration capabilities. With voice and touch functionality, you can automate locks, lighting, video cameras, speakers, electronics, and much more. 

Saves Money 

While your smart home is making your life easier by automating everything, it’s also saving you time and money. The most obvious example of saving money is via a smart thermostat. Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating can help you install it. You’ll immediately notice the difference in how comfortable your home is.  The smart thermostat also saves 10% on your heating and cooling bills. That quickly adds up. 

Makes Life Easier, Safer and Accessible

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Your smart home supports features that can make home a safer and more accessible space for seniors and those living with a disability. With 20% of Americans having some degree of hearing loss, a smart home can adjust audio cues and send notifications in more visual ways. Smart home features can also accommodate the needs of the visually impaired, those with speech or language difficulties, as well as fulfill emergent needs. 

Gets You Organized

Your smart home is the command center for you and your family. With the range of smart devices and automation, your smart home is at the center of your personal world. With reminders, alerts, calendar events, meal planning to-do lists, and automated schedules, your home hub is the personal organizer you never knew you needed. The smart tools pair well with the smart planning resources to sync up even the busiest schedule work. It brings structure to the chaos. 

Even if you are only aware of the smart home possibilities in the remotest sense, you can see how smart homes are changing our world for the better. The immersive devices, convenience, and reliability all combine to offer a safer, more comfortable home that can meet each individual’s wants and needs. A smart home means having unprecedented access to the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. You can relax and breathe in the quiet. It’s about bringing all the things you love the most into one immersive and regenerative space, and you may just find that it feels more like home than any place you’ve ever lived.