5 Time Saving Gadgets To Use At Home

Did someone say wifi and Bluetooth connected appliances? Or backpack vacuum cleaners? We can’t help getting excited about the top trends in kitchens and the home this year. With people leading such busy lives, who doesn’t want to save a little time in the home? Read on to see what our top time-saving gadgets are for 2019. Some of these we had never even heard of so prepare to be delightfully surprised if you are a looking for a gadget for yourself or a family member or significant other.

1. Microwaveable egg poacher

Microwave egg poacher isolated on white background.

This nifty little gadget is pure awesomeness! If you love a poached egg but don’t like the hassle of doing it on the stove top this gadget is for you. Simply add a little bit of water to the egg poacher, crack open an egg and pop the poacher in the microwave and voila! In a few minutes time, you will have a perfect poached egg.  And if you’re stuck for a poached egg recipe we suggest making an eggs benedict with a potato rosti topped with spinach and feta and a delicious hollandaise sauce to top it off. Mmmmmmm, yum!

2. Handheld spiralizer

If you haven’t got into the habit of spiralizing your vegetables yet, where have you been? We absolutely love the concept of a handheld spiralizer that sits snugly in your hand. It’s so much easier than some other spiralizers we’ve seen on the market. With sharp blades and ease of turning this is a gadget, you want in your kitchen. You can spiralizer all sorts of vegetables and if you’re following a low-carb diet spiralizing is your next best friend in the kitchen. Think zucchini pasta!

3. Self-watering pot

Every cook needs fresh herbs on hand to create the best dishes they can. Well, we think they have now thought of everything especially when it comes to the self-watering pot! Beneath the flower pot is a glass water reservoir which shows you the level of water so you can see when the plant is thirsty and needs a top up. This is useful if you have neighbors keeping an eye on your pot plants while you are away as they can easily see which plants need some more water. And of course, the stylish sleek design is an added bonus and makes this our number one favorite item on the list!

4. Backpack vacuum cleaner

Oh, how we low a time saving and easy to use appliance like a backpack vacuum cleaner for a boring task like vacuuming. It’s very simple really, all you need to do is pop the vacuum cleaner on your back and go for it. No more lugging around a cumbersome vacuum cleaner knocking into things and dragging over carpets and trying to fit in small spaces. Check out this article on best backpack vacuum cleaners: 4 reviews and purchasing tips for more information. Backpack vacuum cleaners can either come with cords or batteries but if you’ve got a lot of stairs you may want to consider using a battery powered one. Also, when you buy a backpack vacuum cleaner make sure to try it on to see how it fits. You want a snug fit with good strong shoulder pads and a solid waistband.

5. Steam cleaner

Ok, ok, so we know this isn’t the most exciting gadget for a lot of people but it is worth having this in your home. Why do you ask? Because not only is it useful for cleaning stubborn grease and grime from the kitchen you can use it in bathrooms (especially showers – think of all that mold in the corners!). The steam manages to get in all the nooks and crannies that we can’t get with a cloth or scrubbing brush and for tiled areas, a steam cleaner is the way to go. You won’t believe the difference after using one and you’ll swear by it after you see the results. Sparkling kitchens just look more appealing and hygienic when they are that clean. The best part is steam cleaners are generally easy appliances to store and don’t take up a lot of space (unlike some appliances we can think of!).

Cover Image credits: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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