The Kitchen Is The Heart of Your Home – Make Yours One You Will Never Want To Leave

With the many trends that make the kitchen look better while making your life easier, picking out a kitchen appliance upgrade can be confusing. Before looking at its appearance, you must first consider how buying a new appliance will make the work in the kitchen more efficient. To help you make your kitchen more comfortable and stylish than it currently is, here are the latest kitchen trends of 2019:

1. Bluetooth and WiFi Connected Appliances

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These wireless connections are not limited to smartphones anymore. While the trend started with phones, it has spread to the living rooms in our televisions. It was only a matter of time before the same direction could be applied to the kitchen.

Using appliances that utilize the use of Bluetooth and wifi connection, you will no longer need oven timers or preheating times. Within the right range from your device, appliances like refrigerators and microwave ovens, you can easily set them accordingly with just a few taps.

These smart technologies, however, are not only limited to common appliances. There are also so-called smart kitchens where you can open stovetops, open fridge doors, or even turn off the lights using just your smartphone or even your voice. You can also invest in smart lightbulbs that turn on when you walk into the room or even smart curtains and blinds which open at the push of a button. However, traditional blinds can also be a key investment for your kitchen, especially ones that are easy to clean, such as the range of honeycomb blinds available online.

2. Multi-cookers

In our generation, people are becoming more conscious of their health, adopting certain practices to help them get into better shape. While ingredients are the most significant component to healthier living, the process that the food also undergoes matters. If healthy ingredients are wrongly prepared, it might ruin the health benefits of the meal.

Multi-cooker is a rising trend in kitchen appliances. This innovation allows both food enthusiasts and homeowners to prepare their meals in various ways imaginable. The multi-cooker works as great as a slow cooker or a steamer. With this, you won’t have to dip your food into butter or heat your pans. You just have to put all your organic ingredients into the cooker and fill it with water. Wait for a few minutes and enjoy a hearty steamed meal that is good for your health.

3. Granite Sinks

Even with the many great options in the market, you still have to consider a lot of factors according to our needs and kitchen capacity. Granite sinks can give a good look in your space while being durable than most sinks while being fully functional. Some of the factors that you have to look at are the configuration of the sink itself, your kitchen space for the sink, the color of your kitchen, the depth you need, the difficulty of installation, and lastly if it fits your budget. When updating your kitchen purchasing a fresh kitchen splashback is essential

The sink is one of the essential parts of your kitchen, and while the priority when buying a sink is its functionality, there is no reason not to pick a visually pleasing one that will be useful and complementary to your space at the same time. If you aim to make your kitchen so beautiful you will never want to leave it, why not start with picking out the best sink?

4. Vacuum Sealers

There is possibly nothing fresher than food that is preserved and vacuum-sealed. Back in the day, only rich people could afford a machine that vacuum seals their fruit, vegetables, meat, and even leftovers. Now in 2019, the average homeowner can have this ability.

Vacuum sealers are usually built into appliance spaces or cabinetry. Some brands in the market offer vacuum are sealing up to almost the absolute zero. This value will allow you to virtually stop or extremely slow down the aging and degrading process of food. Using this, your food is fresher for longer, all while you keep up with the current healthy food trends.

5. Colored Cabinetry

The age of stark white kitchens is coming to an end, especially with the arrival of the brightly colored trend. Even in magazines and online articles, colored cabinetry is becoming popular among homeowners. Although any vibrant color will do, there is a general preference for jewel tones. If these tones are paired with lighting fixtures and golden wares, it creates a bold, modern look.

Although stainless steel pans and pots are timeless, colored kitchen utensils are also becoming a trend. Interior designers, however, suggest that if you are planning to buy colored kitchenwares, then you might want to consider sticking to cabinets with neutral colors.


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