5 Aspects to Think About When Pursuing a Career as an Eyelash Beauty Artist

Have you decided that you would love to pursue a career in the booming eyelash extension industry? The next step is mulling over the important aspects of the career before finalizing your decision. Being an eyelash beauty artist requires certain traits like patience and creativity. 

However, it is nothing too complicated. It is a relatively easy skill to pick up these days, especially since an eyelash extension course is accessible. We offer this insight because we do not want you to get into a line of work that does not suit you.

What are You Getting Into – What are Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions

The term refers to both the procedure of applying lash extension and the product itself. Lash extensions are natural or synthetic fibers that are designed to look like human eyelashes. They are of different colors, curls, volume, thickness, and lengths. They either come as individual lashes or in pre-made fans on a lash tray. 

 Eyelash extensions are for professional use only and should not be confused with knotted, flair, or strip lashes. They last longer than other variants, transforming the shape of a wearer’s lash line. 

The eyelash extension procedure involves a stylist applying individual lash extensions to a client’s natural lash. Artists use a cyanoacrylate-based glue that allows the extension to stay attached for the natural lash cycle duration. 

Do You Possess the Physical Abilities for the Job

Working around an area as sensitive as the eyes require certain physical abilities such as:

Good Eyesight

Good eyesight
Image by ds_30 from Pixabay

Artists need good visual acuity and depth perception. Magnification can distort depth perception, so it might not be possible to compensate for poor vision here. Before signing up for a lash extension course, we suggest you have your depth perception and acuity assessed.

Keen Visual-Spatial Ability

Spatial intelligence is an innate cognitive ability that grants the ability to visualize and interpret spatial relationships between objects. The Eyelash extension application procedure needs artists to visualize the angles to attach the extensions to achieve appropriate attachments. 

A good eyelash training course would offer the theoretical and practical instruction needed for application procedures. Still, it would be best if you had this innate ability to be good at it. 

Dexterity and Steady Hands

Many people are not used to manipulating small, sharp objects like tweezers. Particularly when they have to use both hands simultaneously, if you do not already have such a skill, you will need to train your hands to apply the extensions safely.

How are Your People Skills?

Interactions with clients can make or break your career. Improving your customer service skills is an essential skill for becoming successful in the industry. Create a welcoming environment for clients that will make them recurrent customers.

Patience is vital because one session can take between 1.5 to 3 hours. Throughout this time, you have to maintain a relaxed and calm demeanor so that your clients can be comfortable. They can tell when a beautician is in a hurry to round up with them, which will influence their impression of you. 

Can you Earn the Qualifications Required

This should not worry you too much if you are committed to learning. The successful completion of an eyelash training course requires you to demonstrate comprehension of fundamental concepts of lash extension. This understanding can then translate into safe and good technical skills during the course time frame. 

Though some countries and states do not mandate that you have a license to practice, they could still request you show proof of formal training. To qualify for liability insurance that is handy in claim compensation cases, insurers might not offer coverage if you have no qualifications to practice. Make sure to find all these out before you delve into this career path. 

What is Your Plan for Success?

After you get your certification, the next step is making a plan where the momentum moves in the direction of a successful new career. To obtain this height, there are things you have to do. They include:


Without practice, your skills will not only stagnate but can diminish. Call your loved ones to let you brush up your skills as soon as your classes are over before you can work with strangers. 


Eyelash tools
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There is almost no way to do a great job when you do not use the right tools. You can purchase kits for eyelash extensions at Paris Lash Academy.  Invest in your business so that you can make money in the long term.


Any successful business runs on not only good products but great marketing. Of course, a good job will speak for itself and customers will also recommend you to others. You can still take this further by using traditional and digital marketing tools like social media platforms, Google my business, etc. 

Professional Development 

To stay relevant in a field, you need to keep up with the changes occurring within it. Customers know what is in vogue, and if you haven’t learned how to do it, they will leave you for someone who does. Regularly take courses for eyelash extensions that will keep you informed on the newest techniques and products. 

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