6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Animation Movies this Weekend

If you’re planning on a quiet weekend at home and are debating spending the time watching movies, then naturally, you want to choose the right kind. Animation movies are always a dependable choice, and here’s why. Here’s six reasons why you should watch animation movies this weekend.

1. They Tailor for Everyone

With animation movies, there is no doubt that they appeal to people of all ages. Whether you’re looking for something to keep the children entertained, whether you’re looking for an animation movie yourself to relax with, or looking for a movie suitable for the whole family, it’s clear that animation movies really do fit the bill. Such examples include the animated movie The Donkey King, which contains political undertones for adults and entertainment for children. 

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Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

2. They Are the Ultimate Feel Good Family Movies 

The weekend is a time to relax, and especially during these uncertain times, you want to be sure that the movie you watch is going to lift your spirits and inspire you, rather than be a heavy-hitting drama. You can always rely on an animated movie to be entertaining, funny, and feel-good, no matter what mood you’re in before you sit down to watch it. 

3. There is a Great Selection on Disney+

The launch of Disney+ came at the right time for many families wanting to keep entertained during lockdown. Adults and children alike can now rejoice in the wide range of animated classics available via the streaming service. There is a generous selection of movies on Disney+ to fill a whole weekend, and key research from Cash Lady shows the success of Disney and Pixar movies as a whole, and why you should be watching them. 

4. You’ll Be Spoilt For Choice

It’s well known how difficult it can be to pick a movie to watch at the weekend, and there’s a lot of pressure on getting it right. With animation movies, not only are there many to choose from, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy whichever one you choose due to the success and entertainment value that has gone into these kinds of movies.

5. Return to the Feeling of Innocence 

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Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels

As an adult, it’s a special experience when you can return to childhood innocence and enjoy a movie for its happy plot — one which will leave you feeling elated afterward. Animation movies really do offer an experience like no other, as they allow a few hours to escape into feeling a little like a child again. 

6. The Impressive Effects 

There’s a lot to be impressed by these days when it comes to movies, but animation films, in particular, have the power to use colorful, vibrant, and exciting effects to allow you to escape into another world. You can explore the vibrant coral reefs within Finding Nemo (as discussed in the production notes from Pixar Talk) or escape to the African plains in The Lion King. Sure, you can still experience these in documentaries or mainstream films, but there’s something about animation’s vibrancy and excitement, coupled with the voice acting and catchy songs. 

No matter which animation movie you choose to watch this weekend, enjoy it!

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