7 Instagram Travel Pages You Have to Follow

You can find inspiration about countless topics on Instagram. The photo-sharing site has become a popular destination for those wishing to offer their experiences and expertise. There is an eager public who want to learn from such individuals. Because of its visual appeal, Instagram is a perfect place to find travel inspiration. 

Whether you’re hoping to venture out to explore the world or simply enjoy learning about new places, you’ll definitely want to follow these travel accounts whose gorgeous images have earned them a wealth of free Instagram likes. Keep reading to discover seven Instagram travel pages you simply have to follow. 

1. @alexstrohl

Alex Strohl is one of the most prolific Instagrammers out there. With two million followers, his popularity is undeniable. His photography from every corner of the world is stunning and simply draws you in. In his bio, he states that he “tells stories with photography & film.” 

This is definitely no understatement. Based out of Montana, Strohl invites his Instagram followers along on his journeys with his absolutely impeccable eye for detail. You’ll happily get lost in his photographs.

2. @funforlouis

Louis Cole is a travel vlogger who has set out to share his adventures on Instagram. With a following of over a million, it seems people are eager to receive the images he has to offer. You’ll understand why when you take a look through his Instagram feed. Not only does Louis take some of the most breathtakingly beautiful photos around, with vibrant colors and an almost ethereal quality, he also captions each one with a personal story that draws you in. You’ll enjoy getting to know this photographer and the friends he encounters. 

3. @earthpix

Earthpix is a phenomenal Instagram travel account if you’re searching for a variety of material all in one place. This page touts itself as “the largest travel community on social media,” with a total following of 17 million. Over 14 million of those are on Instagram alone. This account is an aggregation of several accounts. The diversity of contributors ensures you’ll always find something new, and the unique styles each brings allows you to view a wealth of content all in one convenient place. It’s genius, really. 

4. @lesleyannemurphy

Lesley Anne Murphy of The Road Les Traveled is a former contestant of the television show, The Bachelor. Since her appearance there, she’s been exploring the world as a travel blogger. She brings much of her experience to light in her Instagram feed. Lesley inserts a personal vibe into nearly all of her photos. You can see her living her best life in new and exciting locales, and she shares the stories behind the images. Those obsessed with fashion, beauty, and health will particularly enjoy following this Instagram travel account because it’s chock full of information revolving around these subjects. You’ll definitely find inspiration for your own life of adventure here. 

5. @wanderreds

Alvaro Rojas is setting out to set a record as the “youngest Spaniard to visit every country in the World.” He’s well on his way, with a total of 144 countries reach as of this writing. And he’s inviting us to come along on the journey. You’ll definitely want to follow him as soon as you see his vibrant and brilliant photography. He tells you in his bio where he is currently visiting. 

Besides, Alvaro lists his various destinations and his upcoming trips at the top of his page in his Instagram captions and Highlights. You’ll also find a Q&A section and more about him there. Alvaro documents all sorts of adventures from hanging out with sea lions on the beach in the Galapagos Islands to diving with mantas in Maldives in his photos. This Instagram travel page is never boring.

6. @saltinourhair

Salt in Our Hair is the Instagram account of Nick and Hannah. This globe-trotting couple also shares travel tips and guide at their travel blog of the same name. They give the unique perspective of a couple who is traveling together, which can be a very different experience than that of a solo wanderer. Their photos have a beautiful and consistent feel through the use of what appears to be the same filter. 

You can even buy the Lightroom presets they’ve personally created for only $25 from their site if you’d like to replicate the look. You may also appreciate their Highlights at the top of the page that breaks down their travels by location, if there’s a particular place that most interests you. 

7. @beautifuldestinations

Let’s round things out with another travel community that boasts a magnificent following of nearly 12 million followers. Beautiful Destinations lists their mission as “inspiring people to travel, to connect, and to have a positive impact on the world.” The photos in this feed offer storytelling through awe-inspiring images from countless contributors. 

There is content here from all across the globe to capture nearly every travel interest and topic you can imagine. It truly is possible to spend hours perusing Beautiful Destinations, and there’s no doubt you’ll be inspired. Along with gorgeous photography, each post delivers interesting and informative information about the destination featured. 

These are just a handful of the Instagram travel pages you have to follow, but they’ll give you enough content to fuel your travel dreams and inspire you to want more. Enjoy your voyage through the splendors these pages offer as you let them take you to places yet unknown.