Best Alternative Christmas Gifts for Women

Everyone loves the idea of giving their loved ones, something which is special and extraordinary, especially when it is Christmas. You rack your brain to come up with unique ideas but still can’t seem to find anything that’s worth it. 

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for the lady can be even more difficult. If you start to feel that she has everything and can’t seem to come up with something that would be unique and of great value to her, you should probably look into giving her an experience than a mere gift. 

Here are the best alternative Christmas gifts which seem to have everything already:

Get a Subscription Box Service

Getting a subscription box service for a woman is a unique Christmas present, mostly because it is a gift that continues for a long time. It can be valuable and a sweet token of love every month. There are various types of subscription box services; books, beer, crafts, food, make up, etc. 

Another great benefit of choosing a subscription box service is that it mostly consists of consumable products. This means that instead of being clustered in the corner of her house, the gift will add some value. 

Gift an Experience or an Adventure

Another Christmas gifts for women can be buying tickets to a one-time experience or adventure of its kind. You can take her hiking, paragliding, on a hot air balloon ride, cruising, skydiving over the sea, etc. You can buy her tickets to a unique destination like Disney Land, Vegas, National Parks, Museums, etc. The whole idea of giving this kind of a unique gift is to create a memorable and exciting experience that she reminisces for years to come. 

Buy her a Service

You can also buy her service for a year or any number of months as a Christmas gift. You can gift her certificate for a year-long service like detoxing sauna, laundry, pedicure, hair cut, etc. It can be any service that you think that she regularly needs from simple house chores to beauty care services. It can also include services that seem frustrating when done on your own like mowing the lawn, house paint, etc. If you have to give a special gift to an older woman, then buying a service relating to house chores can be an even better idea. 

Book a Behind the Scenes Tour

Another interesting Christmas present for a woman is booking a behind the scenes tour of her interest. If she particularly loves something like a TV show, breweries, fossils, theatre, monuments, etc., it is a great opportunity to book her a tour of behind the scenes of any of such locations of her interest. You can choose a place that you think would interest her a lot and buy her tickets to have an exciting experience. 

Giving gifts every year on Christmas makes you run out of ideas often. This mostly makes Christmas gifts very basic and boring. You can now increase the excitement of Christmas with these alternative Christmas gifts, especially for women. 

Featured Image by Bob Dmyt from Pixabay