7 Tips of Selecting Trendy Spring Attire As A Gentleman

Spring is around the corner. The temperature is rising, and it is time to take heavy clothes back to the wardrobe. Spring calls for having simple clothes that will not lead to uncontrollable sweating. For this reason, you need to prepare for the season by getting the right attire. However, selecting trendy spring attire is not a simple process. 

Many people, particularly men, struggle to find fitting and trend outfits. Unlike women, men might not be fashionistas. Many do not have an idea of what to wear in a given season. But this should not be you. You can stand out in this spring season by choosing the right and trendy attires. Here some tips to consider:

Go floral 

Spring is a flowering period. When it comes to fashion, no better idea than matching your outfit with the environment. So, going the floral way is a perfect idea. Choose some floral shirts that feature your favorite floral prints. This outfit will make you remain classy and attractive. 

However, do not over-utilize fashion. It is crucial to have one overall statement piece. You can consider a floral jacket or shirt but not both. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and become noticeable.

Long shorts are a good idea

Sometimes back, short shorts were the real deal for men. But the decade is long gone. For the last few years, people are witnessing a return of long shorts as part of menswear. You should not be left out in this trial. Getting yourself a pair of long shorts will be a nice way to be on the trend in 2021 spring. 

However, do not go for oversized shorts. Find a pair that fits you right with some inches beyond the kneecaps. As well, do not go for any shorts. The tailor-made shorts will be the perfect choice as you can wear them with other smart and casual attire.  

Consider a t-shirt 

With lockdown being the new norm in the 2021 spring, wearing formally is a choice. You spend most of your time indoors. A t-shirt is one of the perfect attire while indoor. You can combine it with your long shorts to make your moment awesome. You can select some t-shirts from great brands such as Gucci and D&G. 

But if you want to be classy, a brand like Velva sheen can fulfill your desire. Remember, t-shirts will be a nice choice for your casual and fun activities. So, picking the right quality and design will make you stand out.

Striped and colored shirts

Do you love uniqueness? While everyone is going floral or white, you can decide to be different. One way to do this is to consider striped shirts. In particular, the vertically striped shirts will make you outstanding. This attire makes you appealing and great-looking. 

Also, you will appear slimmer and taller when on it. You can also choose to go classic or remain modern depending on the nature of the stripes and color of your shirt. As such, if you have no idea what is good for you, consider striped shirts as your spring pick for 2021. 

Be classical and timeless.

If you have a shoe-string budget, it can be a challenge to get a new outfit. The current pandemic is hitting many economies hard. You might be one of the victims relying on government reliefs, or you lost some of your main income sources. This situation can make it hard for you to buy additional spring outfits. 

So, should you avoid getting out or wearing sluggishly? No. this should not be the case. You do not need new designs to become trendy. You can find a combination of classic and timeless fashion in your wardrobe to make you trendy. 

For instance, a long-sleeved shirt with a camp collar is a perfect deal. You can fit it with white trousers. Avoiding socks and showing bare ankles can add up to this outfit. Also, you can opt for a lapel-style collared shirt. Such a design will add an extra touch to any unpleasant-looking outfit.    

Layer several light clothes

Spring clothes
Photo by Iheb AB on Unsplash

With warm spring weather, you do not need some layers of clothes. Many designers and fashionista will advise you to go for light and single pieced styles. However, applying layered style cleverly can make you appearing and trendy. 

For instance, wearing a lightweight jacket and layering it with a Velva sheen t-shirt will be a good way to become appearing. The layer allows you to make a statement even when it gets hotter. All you will need is to remove the upper attire and remain with the inner ones. This way, you will retain your visual attractiveness without having to endure the excess warmth. 

Replace a hat with a bandana

Are you a hat lover? For many men, having a cap on their head is not optional. You cannot go outdoor without your favorite hat. But with the rising temperatures, a hat can be a cause of excessive warmth. You will endure uncontrollable sweating throughout the day. 

Fortunately, you have a better way out. Instead of having your hat, you can consider a bandana. This piece will work perfectly for the gentlemen. The bandana will add an extra visual element and push you to the trendy champs bandwagon. The piece can work best for people with locks or long hair. 

So, make this spring special by getting your hat off and putting on a Velva sheen bandana.   

Wrapping Up

As you can see, you can stand out and become trendy in this year’s spring. This season can be your perfect moment to shine despite the financial hardships you might be going through. All you need is to know what to wear and where to get it. If you do not have a substantial budget, you can search through your wardrobe.

You’ll always find attire that you can match and create a perfect style for the season. Always remember you do not need to resemble anyone. Find a design that makes you comfortable and unique.   

Featured Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels