Addictions You Need to Be Aware Of

What are common addictions you say? With little consideration, many come to mind and they range from smoking to screen time. As you are free to do what makes you happy, no judgements will be made. This is simply a collection of addictions which will range from minor issues to ones that can be life-changing.

1. Eating Habits

Probably for as long as humans have walked the planet, food has been in a love, hate relationship. Sure, at the beginning it was a vital necessity and hard to come by and surely for many people today it can be tough getting three square meals on the table. But if you do get a solid meal on the table, is it entirely good for you?

With fast food available on nearly every city block, it can be a daunting task to eat well. Beyond the accessibility of food, comes the desire to eat based around personal moods. This is where food addiction can begin and be harmful. It’s the age-old case of eating due to depression. People don’t reach for a bag of carrots when sad and wanting a snack. The usual culprits include potato chips, ice cream and cookies. Delicious indeed, but only healthy in moderation.

Unhealthy eating habits affect people young and old and it needs to be addressed. It’s a common addiction which tends to go unnoticed for too long.

2. The Typical “Bad Guy” Issues

Image credits: Photo by Diego Indriago from Pexels

With every marketing tool at their disposal, big tobacco has lured in many customers into their womb of comfort. Is it healthy? No, but at the same time people continue to do it and they don’t bat an eyelash at the topic. It’s just something they do, end of story. And vaping is not a better option we’re finding out.

The same goes for alcohol because everyone has self-control right? “I can stop when I want to and I know when I’ve had enough,” they say. This is an area where you start to get into troubled waters. Tread a little further out and you encounter even bigger issues with substance abuse. It can affect the lives of everyone around you, from young children to those living out their golden years.

Teens are particularly susceptible to substance abuse. If you believe an adolescent in your home has an addiction problem, a local facility that specializes in teen rehab can help them and you deal with it. If you feel you or some other adult loved one has an issue, be sure to get the help needed because being healthy and safe should be a priority.

3. New Age Distractions

Technology has made a lot of things awesome but at the same time, it has bred many addicts along the way. Just take a walk down any populated city street, ride public transportation or shop at the local supermarket and you’ll see people peering into their cellphones. The dawn of social media and the accessibility of entertainment in each and every pocket has led to people becoming addicted to screens. And it doesn’t just stop with the phones, it continues on to tablets, computers and televisions.

It seems that interaction between people, face to face, has taken a back seat to texting. As hard as it may seem at first, loosening a grip on technology can be a good thing and that it will lead to some bonding time, is also a plus.

Technology doesn’t have to go away altogether, just working on cutting back screen time will show you how much time you have for other things. The cycle needs to be broken for change to happen. So go forth and dial back on those addictions, get professional help if you need to, so you can live the life you really want to live.

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