What support can working single moms in the US receive?

Within the USA, a 2018 US Census Bureau report found that there were around 11 million single parent families in the country. Of this, the overwhelming majority were families where the single parent in question was female. This equated to around 81% of these 11 million families with only one parent. This not only shows how much having one parent has become the norm for many children but also how common single motherhood is in our modern times.

What this also means for these families is that the single mom has to work to earn the money needed to live. This not only helps to pay bills and rent but also to clothe and feed the children they have. Unfortunately, this can put significant pressure on working single moms who face the task of completing a full day at work while also single handedly meeting all childcare responsibilities. Naturally, this can lead to some single moms in the US feeling a little isolated or stressed at times.

If you find yourself in this position, then do not despair. There is actually lots of emotional and financial help out there to make you feel more in control. But which are the best ones to think about using?

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Support from charitable organizations

One of the best ways to seek extra help or support as a single working mom in the USA is through charitable groups. There are many within the US that are setup to help single moms cope with the dual pressures of earning enough money to live on and finding help in an emotional sense. Some groups may be able to simply offer someone to talk to and get all the frustration off your chest.

Others may be able to help with issues you may be having over healthcare, schooling or accommodation. Some may even be able to offer money or regular financial help if you find yourself unable to cover your basic outgoings each month. Tech CEO Charles Phillips is founder of the ‘Phillips Charitable Organization’ which has given out over 100 grants to help single moms in need to date. Although you are working, they understand you may still need financial help if your income level remains low.

Help from US government

Next to seeking out charitable help, you could also turn to the US government for financial assistance. There are a range of grants or programs that you may be eligible for that can help boost your income or pay bills. Eligibility for most will rely on your earning below a certain level, but if you are on a low income, the programs can be very helpful. The SNAP Food Assistance program is popular and helps low income single parent families buy food for their children. Medicaid is another useful US government program to think about as it can provide help in accessing medical treatment for low-income single parent families who may not have their own medical insurance. The best idea is to head online to find out exactly which programs could help you, whether you are eligible for them and find out how to apply if so.

Online help to cope

Working single moms do a fabulous job of raising their children, but it can be a lonely experience at times. With no partner at home to help and no-one at work to talk to who may understand, you can sometimes be in need of emotional support from elsewhere. The internet is a great source for this as there are many websites, forums and social media accounts dedicated to working single moms. They can help you find answers to key questions and provide insight into things as you will be talking to others in the same situation.

Try to get help from friends or family

Another place where you could find vital support from is friends and any family you have close by. It is understandable that you may not feel comfortable asking for money from these people, but they can help in other ways. From collecting children from school if you cannot leave work early to babysitting at nights when you need a break, your loved ones are a valuable network to call on. Of course, these people can provide emotional assistance to protect your mental health.

Know your rights at work

One way to really make life as a single working mom easier is to know your legal rights at work. Very often, it can be obstructive bosses or organizations that make life tricky for single moms who work. By knowing what you are allowed to do under US law, you can head off any attempts by your employer to shortchange you and in turn make your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Single working moms rock

There is no doubt just how important single working moms are to the US economy and family life in America. There is also no doubt what an amazing job they do of taking on all the financial and emotional responsibilities of raising their children alone. If you ever feel like you need help to cope, then hopefully the above has given you some good places to start.

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