Vitamins and their all-encompassing role – Which to take and which to skip

We all know the fact that good nutrition is always associated with good health and it can prevent the treatment of different health conditions. One of the most vital parts of nutrition equation is to get the advised amounts of vitamins every day. Vitamin B is particularly helpful for all kinds of preventive care. There is enough Vitamin B is whole grains, enriched grains, green vegetables, meats and dairy which enhance metabolism and also diminish the risks of stroke and heart attack.

Whenever there is deficiency of Vitamin B12, you will find signs of anaemia, dementia, confusion, depression, fatigue, disturbances in mood, intestinal issues, depression, weakness of muscles and fatigue. You can get vitamin B supplements at any vitamin shop Sydney and hence consuming these will help you safeguard your health.

You need vitamins – How to get them

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Minerals and vitamins are vital for any kind of diet and research reveal that they can assist you in preventing all kinds of heart diseases, cancer and several other health issues. There have been several studies which have been done on foods which comprise of vitamins but not many studies have been conducted on vitamin supplements. Rather, in case you eat a diet which is pretty rich in vegetables and fruits, you will get whatever you need. However the main question is that whether or not supplements are better than food. Here’s a guide on the beneficial nutrients.


This is found in sweet potatoes, carrots and also among green peppers to name a few. This is a form of antioxidant which is transformed into the body to turn it to Vitamin A and this is vital for a functioning immune system which also leads to good skin. However, there is still no evidence that it can help you in preventing cancer and any other fatal diseases. According to a study by 2004, it was seen that the supplements might even increase the risk of cancers among smoker. Hence, it is sometimes better to skip taking supplements and rather focusing on taking the right foods.


It can’t be denied that human bodies can’t work without calcium which is mostly found in dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese. Calcium plays a role in maintaining healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis. Majority of them don’t have deficiency of calcium in its true sense as lack of minerals is pretty more common. In case you’re someone who hates dairy, supplements are better but make sure you skip them in case you’re vulnerable to kidney stones. Consult with your health professional before you opt for supplements.


If you’re a woman, you’ll somehow know the health benefits of folic acid. Folic acid actually prevents defects in neural tube like spina bifida among babies and this is found in different cereals, legumes, green veggies, bread, citrus juice and pasta. If you could get 400 microgram of this everyday and 600 microgram while you’re pregnant, this would be extremely beneficial for your health. You should also try to get these supplements from food, as per the NIH or the National Institute of Health. There is more research required to know whether or not folic acid could fight diseases like heart issues and cancer.


There has been enough research on multivitamins and there is no recent research which reveals that they can reduce risk of heart issues, cancers and kinds of diabetes. In case you’re someone on the go, you should choose multivitamins but you shouldn’t expect to any huge lifesaving advantages. Just ensure that you’re not taking too much of a single nutrient as this can lead to unnecessary problems. If you take in diet which has got plenty of healthy fats, fresh veggies and lean proteins, you can take in enough amount of multi-vitamin.


You might not prefer having the foods which are highest in iron like liver or meat of other organs but this is a mineral which is extremely vital for the appropriate functioning of red blood cells and hence this prevents occurence of anaemia. However the doctors suggest that you should get iron from food sources like seafood, lean meat, green veggies and nuts. You may also double the absorption with such iron combinations which are free of meat. Deficiency of iron is unusual but you may require a supplement in case you’re anemic or your doctor should ask for them before any surgery. Women who are pregnant or who are menstruating will need folic acid.


Did you know that potassium can reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke and even counter the impact of sodium? This is found in raisins, bananas, oranges, leafy greens, milk and more. In case you’re someone who is taking diuretics for any specific heart issue or you suffer from high risk of heart issue and hypertension, you should opt for a supplement of potassium. You have to bear in mind that too much of potassium will not be healthy and can lead to kidney problems.

Therefore, if you’ve always been confused about the kind of vitamins that you should take and those you should ditch, you should take into account the above listed advice and recommendations so that you don’t harm your health in the process of taking in vitamins. In case of any doubt about what you should take in and what you shouldn’t, discuss all pre-health conditions with your doctor.

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