Bedroom Organization Tips for Your First Apartment

As we busily prepare in the morning and quickly lay into bed at night, keeping the bedroom organized may not be on our top priorities. It’s crucial that we keep things organized in our bedroom as it is where our day begins and ends. Make sure to keep this space in your first apartment well maximized with the following 7 handy tips to organize a bedroom.

1. Do a bedroom cleanse

bedroom cleanse

Since you spend a noteworthy amount of time resting and sleeping in your bedroom, keeping it clean to catch a good night’s sleep is very essential. Waking up to a chaotic and messy bedroom isn’t the best way to start a productive day.

Go through your closet and store away anything that doesn’t fit or those that you haven’t worn for months. Seasonal wardrobes that you haven’t worn for the past season should also need to go. Check over your drawers and dressers and do a quick clutter sweep of the things you aren’t using most often. Try also minimizing your laundry space by making use of hanging laundry hampers.

2. Make use of the extra space under your bed smartly

When you have lots of things to store and your cabinet and drawers may not be enough, use the extra space under your bed. It can be one of the perfect hidden storage areas in your apartments for rent in elizabeth nj – if you make the most of it. This under-the-bed storage is excellent because it is out of sight but still very accessible when you suddenly need to use them.

The key to successfully maximizing this area is to keep things in order as possible. You can store bags, shoes, and clothes that you rarely use in clear bins under the bed. Since it’s mostly out of sight, your storage bins do not have to be pretty or decor-friendly. Make sure you know which storage space you place your things under the bed so accessing them on a regular or seasonal basis would be easy and convenient.

3. Maximize wall space

If you’re the type of person who loves to store a collection of books, you may want to decorate your new apartment with high-up bookshelves. These shelves are perfect for organizing your favorite past reads and other collectibles you don’t usually use but would do perfectly well as displays for aesthetic purposes. Wall cubbies are also an excellent choice for a modern way to display house ornaments.

4. Organize your shoe storage

Customize your shoe storage to make the best use of your bedroom space. You may place shoes in an overhanging rack or footwear shelves to free up the floor space. If you have limited shoe storage, you may also hang boots using pant hangers. Investing in custom shelving is the highest luxury in shoe storage, but making a footwear cabinet in your new apartment is also a great idea.

5. Display your jewelry collections in order

If your jewelry collection has outgrown its storage box, you may always opt for a hanging organizer. This way, you can have a better look at your collections when prepping up every morning. It would also be easier to choose the best one that will suit your style for the day if you see them all displayed. There are many excellent DIY jewelry displays available to the internet to choose from. You may opt for a beautifully patterned shelf or aesthetically designed wire mesh.

6. Make your bed every day

Before you leave for school or work, make sure you leave your bed clean and tidy every day. There’s a good reason why your mom always reminds you to make the bed every morning – studies show that this simple accomplishment sets a productive day ahead.

A clean bed is also key to getting better sleep at night. Moreover, you may also want to opt for pillows that suit your sleeping style to improve better your sleeping time. For instance, cooling gel and latex options are best for side sleepers. To know more about these options, view the details on this page.

7. Locate a small trash bin in your bedroom   

Prevent the incidence of having scraps of paper or other small pieces of trash scattered all over the floor by placing a small and attractive trash bin in your bedroom. It’s incredible how clutter can quickly accumulate without you noticing. Keeping a small container for trash is a necessity in every bedroom to keep it as tidy as possible so you can rest well and wake up refreshed.


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