Benefits of Reading Books for Children

Everyone knows reading is good for young children. The question is, when you read to children, what benefits do they get? Reading books for children is a major theme in American society and American education. The problem here is that some of these people are disingenuous. 

How to read books to kids

Let’s say the mother and child are sitting in two chairs as the mother reads to the child. Is this a great idea? No, this is the dark side of the matter. If the mother thinks this is the ideal situation, that’s unfortunate. The ideal arrangement is that parent and child are sitting side-by-side, both looking at the same page. In this way, the mother can touch letters and words now and then and explain some detail. The mother can sweep her hand left to right, emphasizing the directionality of English. This is a crucial feature that many children don’t realize is important if they are taught sight-words.

A grown-up experience of reading children’s books

“My mother taught me this way, so I am a confirmed believer. I didn’t know I was learning to read. Reading was not mentioned specifically. We were experiencing a story together. I think she scattered in suggestions about reading very sparingly, so I wouldn’t feel that I was in school. She might say to me, “This is a B-word. It starts with a buh.” And then just keep moving.”

Reading books to children
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The benefits of reading to children

 The main benefit of reading to children is that it accelerates the whole process if done correctly. Below are some of the benefits of reading, especially for children.

 1. It increases the vocabulary

No matter in whatever language the book is written, when children read it, automatically he/she learns new words, idioms, etc.…This will lead to a good command and vocabulary in a particular language.

2. They will come to know about the outside world

Internet and TV’s are not only the medium of gaining information. Through reading newspapers, journals, magazines, etc., children will understand and grasp what is happening in the world and the events currently going on!

3. It improves concentration

Anyway, we cannot understand a film if you are not watching a film completely. Like that, if children are reading a story, they have to put their mind into it, so if he understands a story, he is giving his soul into it. This achieves the concentration.

Reading increases imagination
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4. It increases the imagination

No matter whatever horror, detective, poem he/she is reading, they will be able to picture those in their mind. This is a great achievement. This helps children in focusing on their goals by picturing it in their minds.

5. They won’t go for shortcuts

Since reading a little difficult thing and needs the patience to read continuously, it helps children in the future to choose the right way. They won’t find shortcuts.

6. They won’t feel lonely/get depressed soon

Gradually, while reading becomes a habit to the children, they will make books as their friends. They will feel relaxed in reading.

7. They won’t be lazy

Since reading requires the mind and soul to work, children will engage in something. This eliminates laziness from them.

Children's book library
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8. They can read the experiences of many people

If they are reading autobiography/biography, etc. they can listen to their experiences and segregate the right ones in their real life.

9. It will increase their General Knowledge

Reading newspapers, journals, quizzes help learn what’s happening in the world. They can easily crack the competitions/exams, etc..

10. Finally, decision-making power

Gradually, children will face life with a positive attitude, and they will reach a solution. E.g., If some crisis occurred in a nation, they can tell what’s wrong with it and what causes it!! This is what we really needed from children, right? Be patient. Continue to expose to a wealth of books for children, and eventually, they will be ready for more stories. 

There are so many benefits of reading books for children that you may want to make sure your child has access to as many books as possible.   Help them start their own library of books for their reading level and encourage reading above their current level.

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