Best Parental Control App for Devices and PCs

Finding the best mobile phone parental control tracking app is often a challenge due to the endless options available online. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive checklist to help you find a tracking app that best fits your needs.

 Terms of Best Tracker Apps

While the process list can go through pages, you need to look at these five simple steps to determine the best FamiSafe parental control app for your tracker.                             

1. Compatibility

First on the list, of course, is compliance. Just visit the app website and check if it is compatible with your required phone models and is ready to go.

2. Ease of setup

Phone tracking apps can be part of your daily routine when you start using them. Therefore, you need an app that it can easily install without having to deal with sophisticated technology. Also, choose an app that is easy to register and has an easy-to-use interface, including a simple login page and an online dashboard to make your life easier.

3. Accessibility

If you plan to track an Android phone, you will need to physically install it on the phone. Therefore, you need a quick hand to get yourself a cell phone for a few minutes to get the job done. However, if your target owns an iPhone, you need their Apple ID and password; the app will do everything else without raising your finger. This app is compatible with windows parental controls for computers and laptops.

Location Tracking
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4. Price

Money can be a deceptive business when you choose your app. There are many free phone tracker apps. However, those come with limited features. Others come up with plans to sign up or buy one. For the best value for money, choose an app with a free trial period, great features.

5. Customer Service

Excellent customer service proves the quality and reliability of the app. So, make sure your tracker app website has a customer hotline available, preferably 24/7, so you can reach them at any time to answer all your questions easily and quickly.

Essential features in your Tracker app

You will find applications with many features, some of which are usable, some of which are just accessories. You only need the following six features to choose the best phone tracking app.

1. Monitoring Feature

When monitoring your children or your partner, you need a brilliant but easy-to-navigate app. So, make sure it can easily remove your app icon from the app setting so it can’t download it. 

Web Filter
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2. Live screen recording

If you want to track someone else’s daily activities on Youtube, Google, texts, social media, and even keywords, live screen recording is necessary. It will record a person’s screen live and upload it to the app’s control panel so you can see what that person is doing. It is beneficial to watch your children and want to know what is happening to them.

3. Call Recording

If you run a company, you do not need a mole on your loyal team. The call recording feature can ensure your safety as we can record their incoming and outgoing phone conversations. This feature is also crucial for getting to know your peers and your favorite friends. So, make sure you have a call recording feature in your chosen app that allows you to store data for 24 hours, a week, or more, depending on your preference.

4. GPS Location Tracker

Usually, a phone tracker app’s primary purpose is to know where your loved ones’ actual time is as you worry about them. GPS tracker will give you real-time access to where they are. You can even get a weekly history of the universe to learn where they were when you were not. 

5. Text and Email Tracker

In this online age, it is easy to get important information out of your office anonymously. Often, you don’t even know who your contacts are. Therefore, if your app has a feature to track their texts, including MMS, SMS, Messages, and emails, you can easily save tabs on your targeted contact without interruption.

FamiSafe Detect Suspicious Text
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Here I take the best tracker FamiSafe


How much FamiSafe parental control app cost?

FamiSafe follows a subscription-based model. As it is, you can get it three different subscriptions:

  • Monthly: US $ 9.99
  • Quarterly: US $ 19.99
  • Annual: US $ 59.99

However, before you buy FamiSafe, you can also try the accessible version of Day 3.


So here we conclude our review of FamiSafe. After analyzing each feature of this software, one thing is confident that it is undoubtedly one of the best monitoring apps one can find. Not only that, but FamiSafe is also relatively inexpensive compared to its competing programs. So, it can be bought even by someone who has a financial problem but has a child who needs care. We have tried to do this review as only buy the product once you are delighted with it.

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