Choosing Customized Shower Screens

A custom-made shower enclosure might be the ideal choice if ordinary, off-the-shelf shower cubicles are insufficient due to size, style, or other factors. Additionally, a homeowner can use a customized shower screen to achieve a lush frameless feel. Your specific requirements are considered while making a customized frameless glass shower screen. 

One is open to standard shapes and sizes regarding customized shower screens. Instead, you can pick from various choices based on your preferences and available space. The most popular options include square, rectangular, and pentagonal shower enclosures. There are, however, customized non-standard shapes as well. One might have their shower area custom-made to meet their preferred style and design.

To ensure that all materials are done to your precise measurements and demands for a shower screen installation, please bear in mind that it is essential to place your request before the walls are tiled. This will allow for the production of detailed sketches.

Why Consider Customized Shower Screens

Atypical Layouts

If your bathroom is shaped differently, consider getting custom-made, customized shower walls, doors, panels, and bath screens. This is because, unlike a metal frame, glass can be precisely made to measure space, regardless of how intricate the shape is, creating a personalized look and feel.

Different Sizes

Any size or form can be produced for a made-to-measure shower. Customized frameless glass shower screens are personalized to fit and improve any area, no matter how big or little, from an oversized walk-in shower to a smaller en-suite. 

Increasing Space

Custom-made frameless shower screens enable you to mount a shower in places where a standard off-the-shelf version could not fit, making the best use of your available bathroom space. In a small, constrained area, transparent glass walls and bright arrangements can create a greater sense of vastness and optimal comfort.

Stylish Restrooms

Frameless glass is increasingly required for modern, upscale bathrooms and shower rooms that are polished to an extraordinarily high standard. A luxurious bathroom wouldn’t look appropriate with a standard shower enclosure. Without being intrusive, frameless glass shower screens make a striking impression.

Unique Works of Art

You are not constrained by predetermined shapes or patterns when using customized glass screens and doors. You can design a custom-made shower enclosure based on your requirements to provide a unique outcome.

3D Designs for Review

A visually pleasing bathroom is a wellness haven where you may unwind and reenergize while at home. A precise, lifelike, high-quality graphic is made for every shower screen. Before it is placed, this is completed, from ideal patterns and various materials to specially crafted fittings and finishes. It will produce a sophisticated 3D mock-up so you can see the finished result before manufacturing begins.

Customized Shower Screen Options

Different Metal Finishes

There are 24 distinct finishes offered for customized shower screen hardware, which includes hinges, handles, and fixtures. The hinges and knobs for frameless shower doors can be made of satin brass, polished nickel, black, or even unlacquered brass. Frameless glass showers offer a basic and modern appearance since they lack obtrusive framing.

Quick and Simple Cleaning

The cutting-edge glass coating deters water and impurities, preventing stains, etching, sticky gunk, and hard water deposited on shower screens. All showers are provided in various forms with toughened glass that is easy to clean. As a result, it drastically cuts down on washing time and frequency.

High-Quality Sealants

Sealants in several distinct colors are available for recessed static shower screen installations to match the natural stone. Similar glue is used for neutral shades like marble without creating any traces. All sealants also have an anti-fungal action.

Smaller Shower Door Seals

It is possible to utilize smaller shower door seals that are less noticeable on the glass edge than standard clip-on options. Because of the reduction in water and sticky gunk accumulation, such shower door seals stay shiny and new for an extended time.

glass shower with tile
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Different Varieties of Glass

When submitting your order, choosing the shower material is crucial because it significantly impacts the bathroom’s design. There are several possibilities for the top-quality glass to think about, depending on whether you desire a clear view all around the shower walls or would like some seclusion as you shower.

  • Lucid glass

The majority of our shower screens are constructed from 10mm transparent glass. Iron oxide gives ordinary transparent glass a very faint greenish hue.

  • White-optic glass

Reduced iron glass is an alternative to standard clear glass. It has less iron than usual.

  • Brightly laminated

The laminating glass makes it feasible to produce over 3000 color combinations using multiple colored patterns.

  • Rough Glass

Traditional grooved glass can offer privacy if you desire it. Only framed bath screens have used this particular kind of glass.

  • Dark Glass

Green, grey, and golden-colored tinted glass is available for purchase. The glass becomes darker as it becomes thicker.

  • Textile Laminated

The majority of fabrics look excellent when bonded between two glass panels. Regrettably, only framed screens are made with such glass.

  • Glass with Frost

For fully frosted alternatives, acid-etched glass is utilized, while for partial frosting, sandblasted glass is.

  • Laminated Mesh

Metal meshes made of copper, brass, stainless steel, and other materials can be bonded between two sheets of glass.

Alternatives for Installing Permanent Shower Screens

Wall Supports

Any bathroom will receive an exquisite update with wall-mounted brackets. In this manner, the fixed glass panels are safely pivoted off a wall, resulting in a clear but straightforward finish. It is, therefore, among the most well-liked and valuable options for a frameless bath screen.


Shower features are an elegant and practical way to mount a fixed shower screen that provides style and ease of use while allowing fixed shower screens. They are available for any glass thickness in various forms, coatings, and sizes.

Embedded in tiles

glass door shower screen
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A fully enclosed built-in enclosing, consisting of a niche wall, glass doors, and a base, is known as a sunken tile shower screen. As a result, such an adjustable design aids in maximizing the available space in any contemporary bathroom and shields against water leaks.

Wrapping Up

If you are a homeowner and you want to upgrade your bathroom, consider installing a stylish custom-made, customized shower screen. They will allow you to transform your bathroom into an elegant space where you will always enjoy bathing and relaxing. You can hire someone in your local area to install the shower screen, or you can DIY it. Several YouTube videos and DIY websites like Family Handyman will walk you through the process. Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and other hardware stores have the materials you will need.

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