Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Forget slippers and hand cream, as women over 50 are in their prime and enjoy the finer things in life, particularly at Christmas. It’s time to step away from clichéd presents and think about gifting some luxury, personal and more unusual items that can be treasured, rather than discreetly discarded. Read on for some inspiration for gift ideas for women over 50.


It might not sound imaginative, but we are talking about high-end chic brands such as Juliette has a Gun and Loewe, specializing in bolder and unusual scent combinations. Feefo reviews of the Fragrance Shop show that gifting perfume is always in vogue. With so many to choose from these days, you can afford to step away from the dated brands that the over-50s have been associated with for too long.

Wine glasses

If you are buying for a wine aficionado, some stunning glasses are a must. Step away from the high street and look for hand-blown artisanal examples that you can commission personally for an extra-special touch. You’ll also get the chance to support a small business, which is fantastic.

Meditation Kit

Mental health and spiritual health are very important. For women who regularly meditate for health or religious purposes, you can give them a meditation kit. You can either purchase a ready-made kit or assemble your own.

Planning to make your own kit? Don’t forget to include some essential oils and Mayan copal resin incense for soothing stress and anxieties and invigorating the body.

Electric bicycles

Image by slikviditet from Pixabay

Got a generous budget? Then consider upgrading the female cyclist in your life to something with a little electric assistance. Keeping fit past 50 is essential, and with just enough oomph to make light work of pesky hills, electric or hybrid bicycles are an easy way to make staying active less arduous. You can buy various styles, too, from commuters with baskets and step-through frames to full-on mountain bikes.

Sourdough cookware

Bear with us here, as we know it sounds a little odd! With so many people trying their hand at baking during the 2020 lockdown, plenty has discovered a new passion for making bread, which opens up a world of potential gifts. Treat your best baker to some authentic bread-baking stoneware, proofing baskets, and a professional bench scraper, to give them all the tools they need to master the art of the perfect crumb.


Jewelry gifts
Picture of Gabriele M. Reinhardt by Pixabay

Usually, a winner anyway, but if you personalize some jewelry, it makes for an extra special gift. Try choosing something with a birthstone and family initials for a more meaningful wearable, or contact a jeweler to see if you can help design and commission something unique.

Glasses holder

We know that not everybody over the age of 50 wears glasses. Not all those that do wear glasses lose them frequently.  But it’s not uncommon, let’s just say that! A stylish glasses holder is a great way to help negate the issue of lost specs, while also being decorative and useful. Don’t forget that practicality is always an appreciated gift in itself! Choose a holder that will tie in with the interior decor of your gift receiver’s home and then wait for the ‘it’s so handy’ texts to fly in.

Subscription services

So popular and available for almost anything you can think of, subscription services are amazing for bringing regular doses of fun and excitement to the door over the course of a year, not just one day. Magazines and beauty products are fairly standard fare now.  There’s something for everyone, including cheese of the month, book clubs, and plant delivery options.

It’s not the Victorian era.  Women over 50 don’t need to be confined out of sight and only given lavender drawer sachets for Christmas.  Gift ideas for women over 50 can be imaginative, attentive, and personal with your gift-giving.  Most importantly, don’t let age be your only deciding factor.  Unless you want to condemn yourself to boring gifts when you are over 50 as well!

Featured Image Afishera by Pixabay