5 Tips for Finding High-End Custom Jewelry

The jewelry you wear says a lot about you. From the engagement ring that your beau used to propose to the earrings you wear to celebrate a birthday, you wear your jewelry with pride. Suppose you want to buy something that no one else has, consider visiting a jeweler for a custom piece of high-end custom jewelry. This process is more enjoyable than visiting a jewelry store and allowing you to buy something truly one-of-a-kind. Here is how you can make the most of the buying process.

1. Set a budget before you shop.

When you visit a commercial, mass-market jewelry store, you are limited to the items the store owners have on-hand. However, when you work with a jeweler, you have a lot more flexibility with the style and design you want.

Before you meet with a jeweler, develop a budget range for the piece you want — with both a minimum and maximum amount that you are willing to pay. The jeweler can then work around your budget to create a custom made piece that you want.

A custom piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. You may find that it is just as affordable because the jeweler won’t up-sell the piece like a commercial dealer would. You can also use this buying guide to understand how much your engagement ring should cost:

2. Know your jewels.

Your jeweler can work around your budget to create the size and style that you want. This is because diamonds, gemstones, gold, and other precious metals come in a wide variety of sizes and qualities. For example, a diamond’s quality is based on its cut, color, clarity, and carat. You may be able to select a larger diamond than expected, depending on its cut.

You can ask your jeweler for material recommendations (like the differences between white gold and yellow gold) or research gemstones on your own. For an unbiased source, the Better Business Bureau offers a buying guide to keep customers informed.

3. Get to know different styles.

The gemstones and metals you choose are important, but so is the layout of your piece. The style that you select for your piece of jewelry can bring out your preferred colors and highlight each stone. Jewelry styles also reflect different personalities, which means the piece you buy is just as special as you or the person you give it to.

The best way to learn different styles is to shop around. Start by looking at mass-market jewelers to see what is popular. Then look at the previous designs of local custom jewelers.

Then go with your gut. Choose a style you love or one you know your loved one would want for their bracelet or pendant.

4. Choose a jeweler you like.

Once you have a style that you like (or think your significant other would like), choose a jeweler who can match that design. Jewelers are artists and designers at heart. They have their personalities and preferences. You may find that you love the custom jewelry by one designer but not another. For example, the Pacific Northwest is home to many custom jewelry artists. Look around Portland, Seattle, and other towns to see which craftsmen you like.

Don’t just choose the first jeweler you find. Make sure you hire someone who is a good artistic match.

5. Set a generous timeline.

Your jeweler is creating a piece of art, which means you can’t rush the process. Expect them to take a couple of months to complete the bracelet or ring, depending on your design’s style and complexity. Talk to your jeweler to understand how long you can expect until you see the finished product.

Remember to give your jeweler more time if they are working around a popular season (like Christmas or Valentine’s Day) when demand for jewelry is higher. They will have more orders than normal to fill.

High-End Custom Jewelry

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring to propose to the love of your life or turn a few precious family jewels into a necklace or ring, working with a custom jeweler can help you get the results you want memories that last forever.