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Our feet are very important to our health, but also for everyday life. Many people suffer from some type of foot issue that can be minor, but in some cases – a foot issue can be debilitating. If you have ever suffered from a blister or a bruise on your foot, it can be really painful. However, imagine if you had a problem with your foot to the point where you were unable to walk? Not only is it painful, but it is extremely hard to function doing daily activities.

Foot Conditions

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There are several different conditions involving feet that can be painful and need treatment. A perfect example of a common condition that athletes will experience or even those who walk a lot may experience Achilles tendinitis at one point in their life. This can be extremely painful and it can also mean that the are Achilles tendon is starting to degenerate. This is a condition that can get worse with excessive activity.

Bunions are another painful problem on the foot. The pain can be debilitating, but a condition like this needs to be treated sooner than later. If bunion pain is not maintained, it can become an issue with deformity and you may even need to have surgery. There are several different ways to maintain this type of pain, but you will need to definitely see orthotics Sydney for your best treatment options.

Have you ever experienced pain in the ball of your foot? Not only is this type of pain excruciating, but it really makes it hard to walk. This condition is called matatarsalgia that is commonly known as the ball of foot pain.

Corns are another problem that is common with feet. A callous is formed from excessive pressure to the area. There are many different reasons why a callous would form, but most of the time it is due to footwear that is too tight. Boots and high heels can be a nightmare for feet, but the excessive pressure to the foot can cause calluses to form. You always want to seek treatment when you need to have these removed by a professional.

Hallux Limitus or Rigidus is another condition that affects the base of the big toe. This is a form of degenerative arthritis that can cause pain and stiffness within the joint. As you get older, this condition will make it harder for your big toe to bend. This is another prime example of an issue that needs to be treated by a podiatrist. You may need to have special footwear to help correct this issue.

Hammer toe is another condition that affects one or two joints within the smaller toes. The muscles will begin to overpower the smaller muscles in the foot from your leg. This type of abnormal bending can and up putting extra pressure on your toes when you are wearing shoes. The pain is from your long muscles in your legs beginning to get irritated. You will notice redness and a build up of skin between the toes with pain and inflammation.

Proper Foot Wear

One of the most important things you can do to help solve foot conditions is by making sure you have proper footwear. If you are suffering from any of these above mentioned conditions, you should always consult with a professional podiatrist in Sydney. A podiatrist will be able to advise you of ways that you can help curb existing conditions, but also prevent any other foot conditions that you may potentially be a candidate for. You want to always be sure that you are using high quality well-made footwear. You want to be sure that your shoes are not too tight around your foot. You want to have the proper support for the bottom of your foot and also around the sides of your feet. You never want to have any type of shoes on that are going to squeeze or be too tight around your toes. Not only are you setting yourself up for pain, but don’t forget blisters! Shoes that are too tight can result in a horrible case of blisters. You also want to be sure that if you have any ankle issues that you are always wearing a pair of shoes that will give your ankle support. This is an excellent time to consult with a podiatrist, because your podiatrist will have recommendations of different brands of footwear that will help ease any pain that you may have. Also, a professional podiatrist will also have different types of devices and orthotic recommendations that will help your feet function at their fullest potential.  Any person that is on their feet constantly or is extremely active should at least see a podiatrist or an orthotic specialist to prevent any potentially harmful conditions that can lead to long-term damage.

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