Ways to Take Back Your Life After a Serious Accident

It can happen in an instant. One moment you’re healthy and able to do just about anything, and then suddenly your life takes a turn for the worse. 

The Accident 

You’re driving along the same route you take each day and, out of nowhere, a car comes along and sideswipes you. You immediately try to move, but then realize you are unable to. In a few minutes the ambulance and police arrive. After they help you out of the vehicle, you hand over your personal information and are taken by ambulance to the hospital. 

Your Injuries 

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After conducting a few tests and taking x-rays, the final prognosis is that you will have severe back pain probably for the rest of your life. If that news isn’t bad enough, you receive a call a few days later that the other insurance company wants to settle the claim for basically peanuts. The good news is that there are attorneys such as Pines Salomon that specialize in personal injury claims.

Your Lawsuit 

Insurance companies are notorious for settling claims quickly before the injured party gets a chance to think the matter through carefully. They often present what seems like a large sum of money, until you have a chance to take in what the accident really cost. It instantly reduces your quality of life and causes you to live with a disability. In addition, you will have medical expenses and lost wages taking a toll on your budget, too. 


Recovering from a serious accident takes time. There’s also a lot of stress due to lost wages and the medical bills will continue to pile up. When it comes to a serious injury to your back, therapy along with prescribed medications often follow. The good news is that there are many treatments that can help to temporarily alleviate the pain. A few options are heat and ice therapy, massage therapy, manipulation of the spine by a chiropractor, and devices such as decompression belts. There are also aids that can help you get around easily including a cane or wheelchair, that can help to reduce your actual limitations. 

Dealing with Life 

A personal injury case can take months, and sometimes even years to settle. Hopefully, your case settles sooner versus later. In the meantime, trying to return to some sort of normalcy is essential. If you feel stressed often, due to your disability and dealing with limited mobility and pain, you may also want to see a therapist to help you release any bottled-up anxiety and calm down. Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair and you may have many negative thoughts and questions such as “why me?” Maintaining a positive outlook can challenge your inner being. However, it’s important to do your best to view the glass as half full. 

Life Afterwards 

Your life is no longer what it was, and that’s a true statement. However, you continue to challenge yourself to do more. Even with a diagnosis of a long-term disability, you can improve your quality of life. Surround yourself with people who are positive and have energy. While you may not be able to run a marathon, you can learn to adapt to your condition while continuing with therapy and treatments. Additionally, try to find a new hobby one that you are able to do. If you have trouble walking on your own, take up a hobby that you can do while sitting such as painting, crafts or woodworking. 

A serious accident can take a toll on your life. However, it causes you to reach deep inside yourself and find that inner strength that won’t let you give up, as you never should.

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