Do You Need to Ship a Car to Another State? Read This Before You Do

There can be numerous reasons for shipping a car across state lines, whether that be moving to a new state, attending an auto show with your classic car, or simply traveling on vacation. However, if you’ve never done it before, it can seem like a lot of information – so let’s get into some of the basics for you beginners out there.


When shipping your car, it is important to make sure it is protected against any damage that may occur during transport. Many reputable auto transport services offer insurance as part of their auto transport services; it is wise to compare policies before selecting one that best meets your needs and compare customer reviews before making your final choice.

As backup transportation may become necessary if your shipment is delayed for any reason, and should you experience vehicle damage during transport, it is best to be prepared. No matter where your move may take you, shipping your car can save both time and money while protecting both of them from damage due to its long road trip.

Before choosing a car shipper, be sure to conduct thorough research and compare multiple providers. Before you transport a car to another state, check licensing, insurance, and customer reviews. Then, once you find one that is reputable enough, ask for quotes while providing accurate details about both the vehicle and the destination. Also, consider any special requests or scheduling constraints, as these can impact the cost of services provided.

Once you have decided on a carrier, prepare your vehicle for shipping by clearing out all personal items and emptying its tank. Doing this reduces theft risks as well as damages that might not be covered under their insurance policy.

Before the driver picks up your vehicle, take photos to document any existing damage and prove it was caused during the transporting process, if any is claimed later. This step may help establish that any such issues happened during shipping as proof in any possible claims that arise during this process.


If you’re moving or purchasing a car from out-of-state, it is essential that you know how much shipping will cost. Many factors influence vehicle shipping expenses, including distance, carrier type, and preparation steps like emptying your car of personal items and detachable electronics before auto transport can save money and help ensure a safe delivery process. It is recommended to keep gas tanks under one-quarter full throughout this process to help ensure safe deliveries.

The first step to shipping a car safely is getting a quote. Use an online quote form to receive an accurate custom estimate that fits your specific needs and then compare quotes from multiple providers until you find the ideal offer; some shipping companies even provide discounts for multiple shipments or early booking.

Vehicle shipping prices depend on various factors, such as the location of pickup and destination points, the make and model of the car being shipped, and the time of year. Open carrier transport tends to be the least costly option; enclosed transportation can also be selected at an additional fee, depending on personal preferences and budget constraints.

Misconceptions about shipping a car across state lines often arise because people assume the difference in price can be considerable (source:, but once all associated expenses such as hotel rooms, food, and gas costs have been taken into consideration, auto transport companies offer cost-effective services which ensure your car’s safety as well as offer you peace of mind.

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If you’re moving states, purchasing an out-of-state car, or selling your current one to someone in a different city, auto transport may be the right solution for you. Not only will auto transport save time and effort during long-distance driving trips, but it will also protect against wear and tear during transit. Before selecting an auto transport provider, though, it’s crucial that you understand their process so as to know what you should expect during transport.

The time taken to transport your vehicle can depend on several factors, with distance being the most critical one. Also important are weather and terrain considerations during shipment, as well as considerations such as cost of fuel or time of year affecting how quickly your car moves across.

When selecting a car transport company, be sure to select one with an excellent reputation and one that is registered with the Department of Transportation. Also, ensure they offer services you require, such as door-to-door service, open or enclosed carrier shipping, express shipping, and express shipping services – this would help ensure an exceptional customer service team!

Preparing your vehicle for transport requires you to remove all personal items from the interior and empty out the gas tank, in addition to checking tire pressure and fluid levels to protect it during transit. As well as taking notes of any pre-existing damage on your vehicle and inspecting it again upon delivery, documenting all pre-existing damage can help avoid any surprises upon receipt and make shipping super easy for you.

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