Fantastic Perks to Surprise Your Guests on Your Wedding

Do you want a memorable wedding? Every detail is crucial, and little things can have a bigger impact than you might expect. Many people focus too much on things like the venue décor and floral arrangement and forget other important details. One thing that may be overlooked is planning perks to surprise your guests. They can help set the mood and make the event one your guests will never forget.

It gives the audience a glimpse of what you have to offer. It is understandable that you want the best for your wedding day. You want to go for a perfect venue. You want to choose an awesome wedding dress. At the same time, you want to order the flowers from a reliable service like The Bouqs Co. for the best wedding flower packages.

Similarly, you need to design perks to surprise your guests, so you need to spend some of your finances on this aspect.

Surprise Your Guests in an Exciting Way

Offer an exclusive photo booth for the guests

You can have an awesome photo booth for the guests. This booth’s benefit is that it provides a great memento to the guests that they can take back home. As a result, they are bound to remember your wedding forever.

A proper photo booth allows the guests to print the photos immediately.

Serve hot chocolate to the guests

Serve hot chocolate
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If you are hosting a winter wedding, there is something exciting that you can plan for the guests. here can be nothing more exciting than a hot chocolate bar. Guests should have the freedom to add marshmallows, chocolate flakes, and cream to their chocolate.

Go for singing waiters

If you want to please your guests, you need to think out of the box. The best approach will be to go for singing waiters. It is an interesting sight to see entertaining waiters singing your favorite tunes. You can hire professional singers who can dress up as waiters. 

You can even allow the guests to ask the waiters to sing the songs of their liking.

Give your guests a glittery makeover

There are times when you might choose a festival-themed wedding. It is undoubtedly an interesting concept. You can have a glitter van parked at the venue. You can suggest that all your guests get a sparkly makeover.

Give the guests a sweet treat

Sweet treats for wedding guests
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When you want to impress your guests, there can be no better way than a dessert table. You can have various desserts laid out for your guests. Guests who have a sweet tooth will enjoy the desserts for sure.

Keep the guest book handy for the guests to fill

There are some quiet moments at your wedding. Make sure that the moments get utilized in the best possible way. You can encourage the guests to fill up the guest book during quiet times. Encourage the guests to be more creative with the messages.

It will be a fun activity for you to read the messages. You will enjoy them forever. Make sure your guest books are beautiful.

Plan a photo scavenger hunt

You can also plan a photo scavenger hunt for the guests. The goal should be to bring back digital photos of various things and places in the venue. The benefit of this practice is that your guests will capture good memories.

The guests can upload their photos. Plus, you can encourage the guests to use your wedding hashtag. You can promise a thank you gift for the guests who upload the best photos. This can truly be a fun activity for the guests who visit the venue. Plus, as a bride, you will treasure these memories.

Use a live band at your event

Live wedding band
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There are times when you may hold a rustic wedding. Well, in this case, you can hire a live band to entertain the audience. The guests can also make requests to the band. It will help your guests feel important. Plus, they’ll know that you are keen to entertain them.

If you are going for a festival-style wedding, then choose a street food truck. It is a creative idea that will keep the guests entertained.

Opt for garden games

The best approach will be to think out of the box to keep the guests entertained. A smart approach will be to have Giant Connect Four games installed in your garden. The best thing about these games is that they will be entertaining for children and adults alike.

Go for fire performers

Fire breather
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Do you want to add a wow factor to your wedding? If yes, then you may love having fire performers. The fire breathers can perform at your reception. It will surely be a refreshing change for the guests.

Additionally, you can have a cocktail drinking game at your reception. It will likely please your guests. Make sure that your photographer captures these special moments.

Remember, the guests are the life of your occasion. It is crucial that you please the guests. If your event is amazing, the guests will remember it for years to come. Do not let this opportunity go waste.

However, before deciding the surprises for your guests, sit down, and figure out your budget. You don’t want to exceed your budget. Once you set your budget, then decide the guest list.

Even if you are going for a small event, it should be fun for the guests. You have to keep your guests happy. Secondly, if you plan a lot of activities, make sure the venue has plenty of space. You don’t want a cluttered look.

Additionally, you can have small thank you cards for all those who attended your wedding. This is yet another way to let the guests know that they matter. Start planning to surprise your guests right away. You will be happy at the end of the day. 

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