What are Some Tips to Remember While Getting Free Samples and Other Freebies?

Most customers love to get things for free. Whether it is some giveaway at e-commerce stores or freebies from your local grocery store, or even items won in a contest, the rush of having something without spending a dime on it is unrivaled. For the longest possible time, commercial establishments, businesses, and brands have used giveaways as personal tools for their products’ brand marketing. With the advent of the internet, only the giveaways’ mode has become different and not the intent behind it.

While giveaways seem like a winning strategy for the business, it can often prove to be counterintuitive. These days, many websites and online platforms contribute to the freebie strategy and brand building exercises by giving out Canadian Free Stuff! The prospect of it all sure seems interesting and, frankly, quite fun! However, a few pointers along the way will help you to ensure against instances of fraud and malpractice.

Check What You Get

Check what you get
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Checking what you get is fundamental to ensuring insulation against possible fraud. Many times cheap and subpar quality products may be dispensed within the form of freebies. This is the primary reason why as a responsible customer, you should check the giveaway in all its respects such as quality, quantity, expiration, usage, etc. and evaluate before using it.

Take Smaller Samples

Taking smaller samples is extremely important to ensure that your usage is regulated. If it is free, you can always get more, provided you like the product. If you don’t, then a small sample will ensure minimum wastage. It is also important to take smaller quantities to make sure that the product’s detrimental impact is minimized as much as possible. If it is a smaller batch, then it won’t hurt to dispense with the product.

Connect With the Brand

Giveaways marketing strategy
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At the onset, you should understand that the giveaways are a brand-building exercise. They are given to you to inspire your trust and confidence in the brands. Only if you are confident about the product will you be motivated to use it and purchase it in the near future. Therefore, as a customer, you should not shy away from giving your feedback to the brand. It may be beneficial for the brand to understand the follies of their product or service and rectify it so that the same experience is not the case with other buyers.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

It is understandable if you feel awkward in communicating that the freebies are not qualitatively good. If the product given to you does not live up to the prescribed quality standards or is not on par with your expectations, you have every right to be upfront and give the product negative but constructive feedback. This will ensure that the product quality adheres to the claimed standards of perfection.

It is important to remember that freebies are all about the experience and not about its economics. Monetary considerations are secondary when it comes to evaluating a product. What is more important is that the product and the brand are on par with your expected standards.

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