Five Essentials That Every Woman Needs In 2019

In years gone by, the norm from fashionistas was that every woman needs to carry certain cosmetics in her handbag. While this is by no means worthless, the truth is, every woman knows it’s a must to carry cosmetics and also, every woman knows the type of cosmetic which she likes to use. Therefore, as we look forward to 2019, we are no longer lecturing women on the type of cosmetics that they need to carry at all times. Rather, in 2019, every woman needs to carry the following essential tools.

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USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

Yes, surprising isn’t it. The USB flash drive finds itself on pole position on our list of essential handbag tools. The reason behind this is in the open for all to see; we now live in a digital world and as such, wherever one goes she is likely going to need a flash drive. Whether you are going on a holiday, going for a presentation at work or attending lectures at college, on many occasions, you will realise that there is a need for a flash drive in getting and also storing information. As such, a USB flash drive is an essential tool for every woman.


This is not exactly a tool that you have to ‘place’ inside of your handbag but it’s a tool that comes together with the handbag. What this then means is that when looking to purchase a handbag, every woman needs to check if the bag comes with a cardholder. As stated before, we now live in a digital world and as such, it’s of paramount importance that you have a safe place inside your handbag to keep your bank cards, business cards, subway cards, gift cards, Starbucks card and a whole host of other cards.

Portable Cellphone Charger

Well, we truly live in a digital world as once again, due to the fact that we live in a digital world, it’s of significance that a portable cellphone charger should be a handbag essential. Running out of battery may be bad for business and sometimes, it may be a threat to one’s life. Imagine you are in urgent need of a 911 call but your battery is dead. In light of this, we all can see why a portable cellphone charger should be a handbag essential.


This is actually a no-brainer, isn’t it? A woman’s best friend is a tissue. A tissue comes in handy at almost every juncture. Talk of the time when nature calls, when you feel a sneeze coming or just when you get naughty with your guy. In all these situations, a tissue is your best friend.

Pepper Spray

While we all love living in a perfect world, the sad truth is, the world is imperfect (and sometimes it’s just outright evil). As such, you need to have some form of self-defence and at times hence the need for you to carry pepper spray. Our hope is, you don’t get to use it but if need be, you will not be found wanting.

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