Five Tips For Staying Cool During Hot Southern Summers

If you come from Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Georgia or any of the southern states, you know just how hot the summers there can get. That is why you are reading these tips to help you stay cool all the time. From drinking fluids to stay hydrated to avoiding exposure in the heat, there are many things that you can do to beat the heat in summer. If you would like to enjoy the Fourth of July outdoors, you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve for beating the heat.

Here are five ways that you can stay cool in the hot southern summers:

Drink, drink and drink

Not alcohol! Start with water, fruit juices and other soft beverages. The main reason why we should drink a lot of fluids in summer is not to avoid feeling thirsty, but it is to support the body, as it has its own cooling mechanism.

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When it is very hot the body starts sweating as a means to stay cool. However, to sweat, your body needs to be well hydrated. That is why we are urged to drink a lot of water. If a car can get hot when there is no coolant in the radiator to cool the engine, well, your body also needs its coolant, and that is staying hydrated.

It is good habit to keep hydrated at all times of the year, but it is even better to double your efforts in summer. Remember, your skin can become chapped when it does not moisturize from within. Stay hydrated all the time.

Take a cool bath

We all know this, and that is why we frequent the beaches in summer so that we can take a dip in the cool waters of the ocean. However, if you are at work and you cannot possibly take a cold shower, just a wet towel placed on your neck, armpits, groin and other areas that have high concentration of blood vessels can really cool things a lot. If your skin is exposed to cold water, the body loses heat faster and that is what you want in summer.

Wear loose clothing when going out

Lose that coat and scarf. This is also not the time for you to wear tight clothing that clings to your body. It is time to get into those lightweight dresses, sleeveless is even better. Wear sandals instead of shoes to the beach, to town and even to work if it is allowed.

Loose clothing is good as it helps air circulate all over your body. It also allows you to feel comfortable all the time even when you sweat. Loose clothing really feels good on us, and it makes us feel carefree as if we do not have a worry in the world.

Summer is the time for men to wear those loose and baggy shorts, it is allowed to look silly even, all on account of the tough heat. Even at work, do try to wear lightweight clothing, shirts and pants that are breathable so that fresh and cool air can circulate all over your body making your comfortable.

You may also wear a hat when going out. Heat is not always good for the hair and in fact, it may dehydrate the hair, making it brittle and thin. You will also enjoy the shade that the hat will supply for your face.

Eat wisely

If you take proteins, they require more metabolic activity of which one of the by products is heat. Thus, you want to avoid foods that need heavy metabolism. You should take frozen fruits, juices, salads and such like foods because they help your body cool down. They also pack your body with nutrients that you need for a healthy skin, more immunity, good hair and everything.

Buy a dehumidifier for your house

Southern summers are always too humid and uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by using a dehumidifier to keep air fresh indoors. The work of a dehumidifier is to regulate the indoor humidity.

With many of these appliances coming with automated features, it will switch itself off when the optimum humidity has been achieved. You may even buy a small desktop dehumidifier for your desk or for your car to use when traveling.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

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