Five tips on how to care for your Gold and silver watch

The ability to tell time has been an essential part of our existence. From observing the sun and trying to make out the correct hour of the day, to be able to tell time with a small gadget man has evolved. Watches are vital pieces of our lives. We can run errands and stay on a schedule through our watches. Without one, our days ought to be hectic. but with an elegant watch you need to make sure to care for your Gold and silver watch.

The gold and silver watches are a perfect accessory. Though wristwatches initially were for women, men have a soft spot for watches. The masterpieces are detrimental and they ought to be treated with ultimate love and care. Here are a few tips on how to care for your gold and silver watch.

1. Cleaning

Many people do not know how to keep their watches clean. Many watches have leather straps which can quickly get dirty. Cleaning these straps can be complicated. Washing with water and soap can cause damage to the watch. Soap is a no go zone for your watch. The trick to cleaning the watch is to use a microfiber cloth. The cloth soaked in water is the right way to start. The leather straps should be kept far from the water to keep them from damage.

2. Water and your watch

If you want your watch to serve you a long time, keep it away from water. Most people tend to wet their watches regularly with the assumption that the watch is waterproof. The material used for seals can wear out with time. If you want to avoid damage to your watch, it is advisable to remove your watch whenever you are around water. It does not hurt to stay away from your watch for a minute. Some people even wear their watches to the shower or the pool. With time the gaskets can be loose, and water may find its way into your watch. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Straps

Over time, you notice that you will need to change your watch straps. Changing straps is a simple process. However, it requires a lot of care. If you are unsure about how you can change your watch straps, you can always seek help. It is crucial that the change be conducted with ultimate care to avoid damaging the straps. The best gold and silver watch has calf leather straps which you can replace with time.

4. Servicing

Just like your car or any other valuable gadget you own, servicing your watch is essential. You need to take the watch to the watch shop every once in a while for service. The manufacturers are well aware that your watch can wear out quickly. The cogs and teeth are easy to damage if not well serviced. The practice may seem costly after warranty, but it is crucial to monitor your watch regularly. You do not want to lose that precious silver and gold watch for something avoidable.

5. Winding your watch

Keeping your watch wound is vital. Winding is a simple procedure that you can easily carry out anytime. While you need not to do it daily, it is imperative to wind the watch at least once a month. A well wound watch gives the most accurate time. Nowadays lubricants can last long without wearing out. Take advantage of that and ensure that you wind your watch every chance that you get.

Gold and silver watches come at a price. They are stylish and chic. Men and women enjoy having a beautiful watch that complements as a fashion accessory. They are functional and timeless. Even when you own more than one, it is vital to always take great care of your watches. Regular care can give your watch a long lifespan.

With the perfect guide on how to care for your beautiful time machine, you can now start practicing. Get started on the intimate journey with your small time machine.